4 Exotic Locations For The Perfect Honeymoon

As flights become cheaper and the locations that were once only the playgrounds of the rich and famous become more accessible it fits that young (and older) newlyweds can look at more and more exotic locations for their honeymoon. It is surprising that most engaged couples wait so long before drawing up a short list of their most desirable honeymoon locations (often the wedding day organisation takes priority with so much to organise). Consider this the start of your short list – picking some of the locations that 10 years ago (even five years ago) may have been out of reach of many couples starting a new life together.


It has been a popular choice for so many years but was expensive and out of the financial reach of many newlyweds. With the cheap air flights it is now possible to visit Barbados on a medium budget and will provide a honeymoon that you will both remember as long as you live. Not only is Barbados hot for most of the year – making it perfect for those who choose a winter wedding – but it has some of the most beautiful beaches on the planet. The relaxed atmosphere and friendliness of the locals ensures that you will have a honeymoon that was only imaginable in your dreams. If you are feeling a little more extravagant Barbados has some fine snorkelling adventures and water sport activities.


A lot of honeymooning couples want privacy on their honeymoon – and who can blame them. The Maldives is perfect for this as it is made up of tiny islands and if you pick the right one you will find that your hotel is the only hotel on the island – you could only have more privacy of you rented a log cabin in the woods or honeymooned on the err, moon. Blessed with gorgeous weather and plenty of beautiful beaches it is the perfect quiet getaway.


Not only does Dubai offer the exotic with its beaches and its culture but it offer something unique alongside – some of the best shopping in the world. Dubai combines the hustle and bustle of a very expensive high street with quiet, sandy beaches that aren’t a million miles away. If you like to have the best wedding cake among all the wedding cakes around the world from the best cake shop like the Anges de Sucre cake store and eat it then you may find that this is the perfect destination for you.


Although it is one of the world’s most popular honeymoon destinations in the world it still deserves a mention so that you don’t forget to put it on your list. Many hotels offer luxurious honeymoon packages that are full of romantic gestures; moonlit walks on the beach, candlelight picnics, sunset photo opportunities. Although it is often one of the more expensive honeymoon options it is one that is worth its weight in gold –no one who has honeymooned in Hawaii comes away disappointed.

When you are starting to draw up your list of honeymoon destinations don’t feel like you should not add one to the list as you fear that it may be too expensive –with the power of the Internet at your fingertips everything can be inn budget.

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