The World’s Top Luxury Holiday Destinations

The World’s Top Luxury Holiday Destinations

Who does not dream of a luxury holiday? Sandy golden beaches, relaxing palm trees and a heavenly atmosphere… wooden chalet tucked between the mountains… shopping adventures in Milano or Dubai… Every time you buy your lottery tickets online, the dream comes back again and again. Well, until you hit the jackpot and can start making plans, here are some ideas that will help you get an idea of what destination to pick for your luxury holiday:

Sugar Beach, St. Lucia – a Luxury Holiday Destination for Scenic Landscapes Lovers

A few tens of villas sprawling on St. Lucia’s Val de Piton, Sugar Beach resort offers all its visitors jaw dropping views over the Caribbean Sea and its rainforest covered shores.  A suitable resort for a luxury romantic holiday, as well as for a honeymoon, Sugar Beach is dotted with exquisite gardens, where tropical vegetation abounds. Imagine a sunset on the villa’s porch and admiring the silhouette of the Pitons’ reflected into the sea.  If for you having a great holiday means more than the laidback luxury of admiring the scenery and benefiting from top notch services, put on your climbing gear and go explore the Pitons. You will certainly not regret it!

NIYAMA, Maldives – – A Luxury Holiday Destination for Party Animals

Partying day and night, having loads of fun, indulging yourself with exotic food, sipping drinks on a rooftop bar… Does this sound like your idea of a holiday? Then, there is no better destination for it than NIYAMA – an exclusivist resort that allows you to experience Maldives with a twist. Some of the features NIYAMA offers include accommodation on beachfront villas and overwater pavilions, 24-hour spa treatments, and nightclubbing with the sharks.

Loisaba, Kenya –  A Luxury Holiday Destination for Wildlife Enthusiasts

How can you combine a taste for luxury with your love of wildlife? Perched on a top of a rock, in the middle of Kenya’s wildest wilderness, Loisaba is a luxury resort where you can relax, let your mind, body and soul reunite, and explore the naked beauty of African nature. Nothing will be the same again after this unique holiday.

Taj Lake Palace, India – A Luxury Holiday Destination for Mystical Spirits

Are you of a more spiritual nature? Mysticism and tranquility appeal to you more than exploring the unexplored, or dancing yourself out? What better place for a spiritual immersion than India? If this comes with a luxury accommodation in a quarter of a century old white marble building, things get even better.  Taj Lake Palace is actually a way of combining them all… well, maybe except the partying part. But, you will for certain have stunning scenery, historic landmarks to explore, spa treatments, luxury hotel services and epicurean restaurants!

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