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5 Top Tips For Packing For Holiday

Its holiday season and most of us are looking forward to jetting off somewhere new for a well earned break. We’ve spent the past few weeks mentally packing our case, picking up the odd few bits in our lunch breaks and treating ourselves to those new sandals. Of course by the time you’ve finished picking up those bits and pieces and you actually lay out what you want to take with you, you’re going to realise it’s never going to all fit in that one case. Here are a few top tips to make sure you get to take everything with you that you’re going to need and you still get that case through the airport luggage rules.

Over packing

Over packing is the number one thing we all suffer from. You’ve packed outfits for going out in the evenings for both nice weather and bad weather just in case. You’ve got your outfits for chilling out on the beach and going out and doing things and each outfit has its own pair of shoes. The first thing you need to do is plan your holiday, check out what the weather it going to be like and figure out roughly if it’s going to be an adventure and sight seeing holiday or a chill out and relax holiday and now you know exactly what you need to pack.

Big is not always beautiful

Don’t instinctively pull out your biggest suitcase. Start with one of the smaller ones and aim to pack it. If you start with your largest case you’re going to keep packing until it’s full. You want to keep some extra room for things like souvenirs but you can always pack smaller items in your carry on luggage if you need to. If you really are struggling to get everything in the smaller case you can always trade up to the next size if you need to and recheck the weight with luggage scales.

Shoes have room too

Shoes are one of the most bulky things you’re going to have to pack. Make sure you’re utilising that space by packing your socks in your shoes. Your shoes are also a great place to store any jewellery too as it keeps everything tucked out the way nice and safe. Try and keep your choice of shoes fairly neutral, something like a pair of black flips flops can be dressed up or down to do with most outfits and one pair of comfy trainers for those days you do decide to go exploring.

Rolling not folding

For most your clothing it’s going to take up less room if you roll rather than fold and you’ve also got the added bonus that your clothes aren’t going to be wrinkled of they’re rolled. When you get to your destination you can see at a glace what’s where in your suitcase if all your clothes are neatly rolled up. When you pack everything on top of one another you always forget about that spare pair of shorts that got packed at the bottom of the case.

Lotions and potions

Things like contact lens solution or any medication you’re going to be quite specific about but almost everything else you’ll be able to pick up at your destination. Most countries in the world will sell shampoo, conditioner and toothpaste so it’s not the end of the world if run out. Only pack the makeup you’re likely to use rather than your whole kit but if you’re going to be spending a lot of time out in the scorching heat you might just want to stick to sun screen in the day and keep a bit of make up for the evenings. If you want to opt for makeup to be extra beautiful during the trip, these affordable lash lift supplies should do the trick.

Now you have a well packed case, you’ve got everything you need and you don’t need to hire a tow truck just to get it to the airport.

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