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Packing for a Road Trip

Packing for a road trip is easier said than done. You know what items you’re supposed to take, but sometimes you’re so eager to get on the road you can’t be bothered with packing. You push off the inevitable until the last minute and then you forget all the important things you should have brought. Since I know how this feels, I’ve prepared a list of things you’ll never remember.

Packing for a road trip

1. First aid kit

This is probably the most important. If you’re in an accident a first aid kit can be priceless. Buy one and leave it in the car, but remember to check expiration dates.

2. Water bottles

You never know when you’re going to break down and need water. These Liquitainers from Source are my favorite because once you use the water they fold up into nothing.

3. Blanket

Depending on the weather, this can be another big one.

3. Flashlight

At least one and don’t forget to check the batteries!

4. Jumper cables

Make sure your jumper cables are in the car.

5. Map

If you don’t have GPS, then you should have an old fashion road map.

6. Spare tire

This should already be in the car.

7. Jack and socket wrench

You should make sure your jack and socket wrench are in your car.

8. Cell phone

As long as you have a cell phone you’ll be able to acquire the other things on the list- as long as you can charge it in the car.

9. Food and Snacks

Even if you plan out your rest stops, bring along snacks and non-perishables so you are always prepared.

10. Hydration bladder

Having bottles of water won’t help you after the first day. You need a way to store your drinking water that isn’t exposed to the sun and heat. This hydration system can stay in your car and still be drinkable.

Packing for a road trip and Things to Do Before you Leave

1. Check your lights

Lights really are for safety and will also help you avoid getting a ticket. This includes headlights, brake lights, turn signals and any others I may have forgotten.

2. Check your fluids

Your radiator, transmission and even your windshield wiper fluid all need to be checked. It might also be a good idea to have your oil changed.

If you manage to fit all of this stuff in your car, along with your clothing and other personal items, you are ready to go! Drive Safely.

Samantha Wilson is an avid traveler who enjoys blogging about her adventures and sharing her travel tips.

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