7 Fabulous Carnivals and Festivals around the World

People these days get to enjoy all sorts of entertainment both in their homes and when out and about. For those who are looking for entertainment that is not only fun and exciting but also culturally enriching, attending one of the many carnivals and festivals that take place around the world is the ideal choice. There are many different events that take place in countries all over the globe with something to suit all tastes and preferences. Whether you are young or old, male or female, a couple or a family – you will have no problem find a wide choice of exciting and fabulous carnivals and festivals around the world.

If you plan to head out to one of these exciting events, you need to make sure you plan your trip properly and get the timing just right so that you can make the most of the festival or carnival. Remember, destinations can be very busy with tourists at the time of a major event so get your flights and accommodation booked well in advance. This will also help you to save money rather than waiting until the last minute during a busy period – you can even get discounts on your accommodation by using vouchers at, which means more money for you to spend while you are visiting the destination.

Some of the great events you can attend

If you want to enjoy a unique and memorable cultural experience, you can choose from a range of fabulous events in different worldwide destinations. Some of the carnivals and festivals to consider include:

Mardi Gras, New Orleans

 A major festival that is known around the world, Mardi Gras in New Orleans goes on for around two weeks before and during Shrove Tuesday. This is an amazing event that is packed with parades, dressing up, entertainment, and excitement. The final week of the event is particularly exciting, as this is when the major parades take place.

Rio Carnival, Brazil

One of the biggest and best-known carnivals in the world, the Rio Carnival in Brazil is an event you will never forget. Millions of people hit the streets during this period and there is partying, dressing up, floats and parades, entertainment, and dancing. You will get people from all around the world heading to this carnival so you also get to experience other cultures during your time here.

Dia de Muertos, Mexico

Celebrated at the start of November, Dia de Muertos in Mexico is Day of the Dead. While this may sound like a somewhat morbid celebration, it is actually an event that is designed to remember and celebrate the lives of those who have passed on. Those attending can take in the fascinating traditions as well as the parades that take place in honor of the dearly departed.

Patricks Day, Dublin

Taking place in the wonderful city of Dublin, Ireland, the St. Patrick’s Day celebrations offer fun, entertainment, culture, and excitement. While parades and events take place all around Ireland, Dublin plays host to one of the key ones. Taking place over a four day period, you can look forward to everything from parades and street entertainment to free access to iconic landmarks and museums.

Fringe Festival, Edinburgh

Anyone who has a love for the arts will be delighted with the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland. Dating back seven decades, this festival brings together unique, unusual and exciting talent. It has become the largest arts festival in the world and attracts huge numbers of visitors each year. The festival takes place each summer during the month of August and the performances cover many genres from music and stage performances through to comedy.

Carnival of Venice, Italy

When you attend this event, you not only get to enjoy great entertainment and fascinating culture but you also get to feast your eyes on the stunning surroundings that this destination offers. This festival has become known for the fabulous masks that are worn, which has become a deep-seated tradition associated with this event. You will feel like you have stepped back in time as you take in the costumes, masks, crowds and entertainment at this festival and you get to enjoy everything from great food and fun through to an electric atmosphere.

Cosplay Festival, Japan

Focusing on pop culture, the arts, anime, and fashion, the Cosplay Festival in Japan is a free event and one that has become very popular. Many people attend the festival each year and there are performances from celebrities as well as from local talent. You can also enjoy exhibitions and competitions as part of the event.

With so many different and exciting festivals and carnivals to choose from, finding something that is perfectly suited to your needs should be simple.

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