5 Active Breaks for Families

Active Breaks for Families

Everyone looks forward to a memorable and enjoyable family vacation during the holidays. It is time to get away from city life and spend time with your loved ones.

Every family is different, but today, many families choose to get active and explore the wonders of the world. Here are some of the best activities you can enjoy with your family.

  1. Snowshoe Walking

active breaks for families Snowshoe Walking

Gone are the days when families stay indoors during winter. During winter, most families gather indoors to play board games or watch movies, and nothing is wrong with that. But why stay indoors when you can go out and try activities that will build lasting memories?

The mountains of Europe are famous for all types of unique winter activities. Snowshoeing is one of them. Snowshoe holidays are great for walkers, hikers and nature lovers who want to explore the mountains during winter.

Snowshoe walks will let you experience the forests with snow-laden trees, cross high snowy plateau, and climb a summit or snowy mountain pass.

  1. Wolf Tracking

active breaks for families Wolf Tracking

Never leave the mountains without booking a wildlife activity. Be fascinated as you observe the mountain habitat with wild animals like wolves, deer, golden eagles, vultures, wild boars and many more.

The most famous wildlife activity in the mountains is wolf tracking. The activity usually lasts for 3 days with a wolf guide. The best time to track wolves is when the snow is just beginning to fall. It is easier to follow a wolf track when there is small snow on the ground.

  1. Husky Dog Sledding

Husky Dog Sledding

Another winter activity you and your family will surely enjoy is husky dog sledding. In the past, huskies are a big help in crossing the snowy wilderness.

For this activity, you can choose to be the driver of the sled or the passenger. If you choose to drive the sled, you get to pass through a steep and uphill mountain while making sure that you are steering the sled carefully to make sure the sled does not go out of control.

  1. Mountain Walking

Mountain Walking

For the families that are less adventurous but want to experience the mountains, a walking activity is a must-try. Most travel packages on the internet offer family walking holidays in the mountains. You can customize the activity to make it child-friendly, or you can choose to go for wonderful long-distance walks if you’re an expert.

  1. Rafting


Summer is also the best time to experience the wonderful nature of the mountains. Rafting like the Kern River rafting is a known summer activity in the mountains in which you can enjoy the rapids of the water coming down from the mountains. Families can have their raft rentals to go on the best whitewater rafting trips in Idaho that includes a wide range of experiences related to difficulty level and scenery including deep canyons, dense forests, and mountains.

There are a lot of travel packages you can choose from, and most of these packages can be personalized according to your preference. Remember that in every activity that you wish to join, safety should always come first. Make sure that you and your family are equipped with safety gears and gadgets before the activity.

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