The Most Beautiful Places for Christmas

The Most Beautiful Places for Christmas  2016

With the Christmas season fast approaching, many of us are searching for truly gorgeous locations to enjoy the upcoming holidays. Let’s take a look at five must-see destinations that have consistently made the top of the list.

Those who are looking for a break from cold and dreary days will often choose Barcelona as their destination of choice. This city by the sea is truly stunning due to its year-round balmy climate, but there is much more to be enjoyed here. Visitors can experience fabulous views from atop nearby Mount Tibidabo while during the evening they are able to frequent the countless kiosks and tourist shops available on either side of Las Ramblas (the main shopping strip). Thanks to such an agreeable climate, even a tranquil dinner on the beach is not out of the question.

The Catskill Mountains

The Catskill Mountains WinterAnother destination worth a closer look is a region of New York known as the Catskill Mountains. Located only an hour north of New York City, these mountains are the perfect Christmas getaway. As the temperatures here can dip well below freezing, enjoying a white Christmas is certainly not out of the question. Quaint boutique hotels dot this region and prices are much more agreeable when compared to the city or Long Island. Should you instead prefer a bit more civilisation, urban districts such as Kingston, Albany and Liberty are all within no more than an hour from this massive state park.


Paris Christmas Winter 2016There is no doubt that the city of lights will provide an unforgettable Christmas. The namesake of this city is quite correct, for it appears as if every building will be lit up in glittering splendour. Of course, this is to say nothing for the scintillating spectacle of the Eiffel Tower as its spire pierces the heavens above. You have the choice of staying in the city centre, but keep in mind that prices can be quite extravagant during the peak of the holiday season. Many will instead prefer to search for boutique hotels within the suburbs. Their cost is much more agreeable and the majority are located extremely close to mass transportation hubs.

The Laplands

The Laplands Christmas Winter 2016If you have been searching for a true break from the norm, the Laplands may be the perfect option. Located within the northern portion of Scandinavia, this cold wilderness has always held something special for the visitor. The night skies are crystal clear and it is very likely that you and any guests will be able to catch a glimpse of the northern lights. Other activities include tours where you can get an up-close-and-personal look at reindeer, excursions into the wilderness and even the chance to stay in the famous ice hotels found throughout the region. Boasting stunning beauty and a host of attractions to enjoy, the Laplands are truly amazing.


Mykonos Christmas This Greek island has been a famous holiday destination for hundreds of years. Offering average temperatures of 25ºC, you will certainly not catch a chill during your stay. There are a number if pristine beaches to experience and the nearby cerulean blue waters seem as if they were painted directly from a dream. Activities such as windsurfing, swimming and scuba diving are available; ideal for the entire family. While Mykonos is steeped in history, one of the main attractions are the iconic windmills located atop a hill which overlooks a good portion of the entire region. Be sure to snap a few panoramic pictures here and keep in mind that the Mykonos windmills are popular locations for picnics. The best time to arrive is just before dusk.

These are five truly stunning holiday destinations that you should be sure to examine in more detail. With the use of lastminute hotel and travel voucher codes, it has never been easier to plan ahead and make certain that you experience the holiday of a lifetime.

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