The Best Neighborhoods to Stay in Palo Alto

The Best Neighborhoods to Stay in Palo Alto

Palo Alto in California is very much a collection of neighborhoods as much as it is its own city. When looking for places to stay in Palo Alto, CA for a vacation, for an extended period to visit the in-laws, or as a location to stay for a few months to see whether a job pans out, it is a good idea to know where to look.

Here is our breakdown of some of the preferred neighborhoods to stay when visiting Palo Alto.


Professorville is a good place to stroll around in the afternoon with its tree lined streets and Colonial Revival, Dutch Colonial, and Craftsman-style homes. Downtown Palo Alto is a brisk walk or a short bike ride away.

The Town & Country Village shopping center is an upscale place to do some shopping, dine out or enjoy a little bit of people watching.

The location is within walking distance of the Stanford University campus and gets its name from the professors who bought up land to build on in the early days of the University.

University South

This district is small covering only 0.3 square miles, but it is buzzing with activity every day. There are many condos here similar to this Condos in bothell wa, so if you know someone in Palo Alto already, they could well be staying nearby. The downtown center has its share of dining experiences, boutiques to find those designer labels, and quiet streets to walk around enjoying the neighborhood.

University Avenue is the place to be for shopping activity, but there is also a smaller downtown shopping area nearby that whilst less flashy, houses the older Stanford Theater, and has a few interesting little stores and bars tucked away virtually unnoticed.

Charleston Meadows

Charleston Meadows is a neighborhood that features classic 1950s architecture with wood facades and glass home designs present along many streets in the area. A quieter place that is worth a visit and is a neighbor to the larger Ventura neighborhood a short distance to the north-west.

Nearby is the Nest in Palo Alto, CA which offers a boutique, hotel-like experience a short distance from the technology companies and the Stanford University campus.

Midtown Palo Alto

Midtown Palo Alto has boundaries created with the Oregon Expressway, Alma Street, Loma Verde Avenue and US Route 101, which creates an enclosed area that feels safe for families to visit friends and for some sight-seeing.

This part of Palo Alto covers 1.5 square miles of mostly residential housing of single-story Eichler homes known locally as “California modern” which were largely built after World War II.

To pick up affordable bites to eat while moving around there is a Walgreens, inside Midtown Shopping Center or Round Table Pizza to grab a quick slice. There are two parks in the neighborhood, Henry Seale Park and Greer Park, which have areas for sports, and some walking paths to stretch your legs.

Palo Alto has a number of attractive neighborhoods to visit and explore. Many have been designed to offer good pedestrian access for relaxing walks in the area and most have some good shopping choices too.

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