Great Locales for An Exotic Destination Wedding

Great Locales for An Exotic Destination Wedding

While the day you got engaged may live in your memory as the best day of your life, the time between then and when you actually say “I do” are usually stressful and pressure packed. That’s because wedding planning is incredibly complex and sometimes terrifying. You’ve got both families to deal with, and all of that history and tradition to integrate. And as the date gets closer the guest list bloats larger, and the budget explodes. You don’t want to mortgage your first born child to pay for your special day, so to avoid some of the drama of a large wedding many couples choose to keep it small and get married at an exotic destination. If you love to travel this could hold an even greater appeal. The wedding itself becomes the beginning of your honeymoon! But how do you narrow down a few choices out of all of the amazing places you could possibly go? Here are some of the best locales you could pick for an exotic destination wedding.

One destination that may not jump immediately to mind is Belize. This Central American country sports an incredible natural beauty, and is also one of the major focal points of environmental sustainability. It’s an easy flight from most U.S. airports, and the entire country is very affordable. You could get married outside by the bank of a river, under a beautiful jungle canopy. Or choose a resort for a classy affair. Whichever direction you go you’ll find beautiful terrain, eco-consciousness and opportunities for adventure across the entire country.

It’s tough to find a more traditional destination wedding choice than Hawaii. But there’s a reason so many people go there. It is absolutely gorgeous. You’ll find packages to fit every budget, and accommodations for small or large parties. That means you’ll be able to fulfill your desire for an exotic destination while still allowing your family the ability to come join you on your special day. Start your search in Maui, but head to some of the smaller islands if you want a more rugged location.

Head over to Europe for a couple of absolutely gorgeous options. One popular destination is the region of Tuscany in Italy. You can pick a quaint village to host your special day. You can get married on a rolling hill with a completely rural background, or on the classic grounds of a working vineyard. In any case, the weather is gorgeous and the photos will be unforgettable. Florence is another fantastic option in Italy. It’s only exotic for Americans, as thousands of Italians get married here each and every year. You can have a traditional church wedding, but in a building that’s hundreds of years old. Or you can go with a classic villa and a small, intimate affair.

Not all exotic destination weddings require you to grab your passport. There are some amazing locations across the United States that make the perfect wedding backdrop. And no, that doesn’t mean going to Vegas. But consider a wine country wedding in Santa Barbara, California, or a mountain affair in Beaver Creek Colorado. What about a country estate in South Carolina, or a beach vibe on the coast of Maine or New Hampshire? No one will be sitting there daydreaming, wondering what’s in the wedding gift bags with any of these destinations. And you’ll be able to slim down that guest list to the people that matter the most.

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