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Great Tours in Brazil

The country of Brazil actually covers half of the land mass of South America. The country of Brazil has lush rain forests as well as beautiful coastlines. The coastline of Brazil stretches for thousands of miles and includes many exquisite beaches, resorts and traditional villages. If you are an avid birder, there are not many places better than Brazil to enjoy a variety of colorful, tropical birds. Both on the coastline and in the jungles of the Amazon, you will have splendid opportunities to see the Hyacinth Macaw, the Harpy Eagle, many hummingbirds and a variety of many other brilliantly-colored tropical birds like the Toucan.

Hunting for Artistic Expression on the streets of Rio de Janeiro

An interesting walking tour of Brazil is to explore the side streets of Rio for resplendent graffiti works of art. In Rio, the work of a graffiti artist is held in high esteem. Many of the local works of street artists will move you and impress you. With a walking map of the city of Rio and a chat with a local in a coffee shop, you will be able to easily find many beautiful frescoes that were painted by Rio artisans. A walking tour of Rio will also familiarize you with many aspects of the city that you would not be privy to on a tour bus.

Touring Catacomb Park in Rio de Janeiro

Catacomb Park in Rio offers a surprising combination of a park and an outdoor art gallery. This park is largely unknown to tourists. It is truly a hidden gem. Catacomb park is a pleasure to walk through and relax, as you take a break from the wild bustle of the streets. The park has many gorgeous tropical plants with wonderful sculptures created by local artists dotting the nature trails. You may even see a monkey or Toucan in the park, if you are quiet enough. At the apex of the bamboo trail through Catacomb park, you will have splendid views in all directions.

Adventure Tours in the Brazilian Rain Forest

If you are more in the mood for an adventure tour of Brazil, the interior of Brazil has stunning vistas, tropical birds, deep canyons such as Itaimbezinho, breathtaking waterfalls, whitewater rafting and the possibility of seeing many exotic animals. There are two main regions of Brazil that offer adventure tours, the Amazon jungle, which extends for approximately five million square kilometers, and the wetland region of Pantanal. The Pantanal wetlands are the largest wetlands in the world and are a haven for tropical birds, fish and animals of all types. In the rainforest of Brazil, there are a variety of monkeys living in the treetops as well as mysterious animals such as the jaguar that you may have the opportunity to see. You may also want to augment your adventure tour with some side visits to local villages where you will be able to get a taste of the unique way of life of traditional Brazilians.

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