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Vacationing Thailand

Planning the perfect holiday on Thailand will not be hard when you discover all the activities, beaches, and beautiful sites to see in this tropical Asian paradise. The port at Bangkok will support many large cruise ships, or if you would rather, fly into one of the other cities in Thailand and travel to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Resorts are plentiful in the larger cities such as Phuket, which is Thailand’s largest island. Phuket is fondly referred to as the Pearl of the Andaman Sea. Located in southern province of Thailand, it is famous for the many fascinating tourist attractions, white sand beaches, and the Phromthep Cape, which is hearalded the country’s most beautiful spot to watch the sunsets.

If big city sites are more what you are searching for, then you will want to plan your stay in Bangkok. This is the capital of Thailand. It is cultural as well as cosmopolitan. Any tourist will be in awe of the spectacular marvels of this ancient culture with it’s golden temples and palaces sitting among the modern, diverse skyscrapers. Visit the National Theater and the National Musuem, both located here. You will also find many open-air markets in Bangkok, many top-rated hotels, and as much nightlife as you can handle.

When you get tired of the busy cities, you might find your way to the tranquil villages of  Trang or Phi Phi, known for their beautiful beaches, great diving, and quet villages. Most of the beaches in Thailand also offer villas for rent along the shorelines.

If you want to see all that Thailand has to offer, consider cruising around the country. This will give you some great views and insight into the culture of this diverse society. With a port-of-call in Bangkok, Princess Cruises offers many packages to choose from to complete your cruising holiday in Thailand. Cruise seasons are year-round in this area of the world that holds three-fifths of the earth’s population. The climate here is normally humid and tropical all year. The seasons are known as only wet or dry.

Traveling within Thailand is generally done by train, bus or car. The major airport is located in Bangkok. Thai is the native language, however, English is spoken in many hotels and restaurants, and is widely understood throughout the cities of Thailand.

The culture here is something you should research when you decide to vacation in Thailand. The people are friendly and do not get in a hurry. Most practice Buddhism and their customs regarding sacred temples are strict. You should not take pictures in front of a sacred statue. It is considered rude. As is standing over someone else on a bus. The Thai people are very tolerant and forgiving people and do not like confrontations. They prefer you not to raise your voice or display anger in public.

Wherever you choose to travel in Thailand, whether by a luxury yacht charter in Phuket or by air, this destination will create many memories, and will be the trip of a lifetime.

This article was written by Natasha Tasha, on behalf of Student Flights, Australia, offering great selection of Thailand holidays.

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