The ideal holiday? With the breeze of the sea and mountains, discover Irpinia with Irpinia wine trails


In our everyday world, where we live constantly running around from work to home, it is difficult to find a moment to just reconnect with yourself and the people you love. That’s the reason why, as soon as you get to have some free time, you should opt for a holiday where you could just slow down the pace of your life, in order to enjoy fully the world around you and savour every moment. You could make these wishes come true, thanks to Irpinia wine trails. If you would like to enjoy some delicious food while on your next vacation, then you must try out a place like this restaurant in grand cayman

Irpinia is a beautiful jewel of the Italian crown, perfectly nestled in the wonderful landscape of the Campania Region, where you could watch the mountains and the sea meet at the horizon, creating the most beautiful setting to your holiday. In this wonderful territory, in the middle of the South Italy, you will be able to walk through flourishing nature, as you will be guided between the most enchanting wine trails of the territory, making unforgettable experiences of taste here in Irpinia.

The mesmerizing paths of Irpinia have become very famous all over the worlds for its refined and classic wines, as their production has collected over the years many prices and certifications that prove their outstanding quality. They are well prepared for every preference of your choices: if you prefer a white wine, Greco di Tufo – a white variety of wine suitable for the ageing – and Fiano of Avellino. Instead, if you prefer a richer red wine, you could try one of the options, like above all Aglianico and Taurasi, also called the Barolo of South Italy. Thanks to our tours, you will explore the beauty of the Costiera Amalfitana, just at an hour and a half away from Naples and start an amazing journey.

During these tours, you will be able to taste and discover more details about these renown wines, making you feel more in touch with the territory and the wine that you are experiencing. For example, thanks to our expert guides, you will visit some of the 17 villages in the area of Avellino, the most important being Taurasi, where the Enologic Fair takes place, in which the red grapes of Taurasi are produced and grows between the olive and chestnut trees. You could also explore the mainland where Fiano of Avellino is produced, which is one of the most famous white wines in South Italy.

This tour will provide you also a great journey to the discovery of Campania and mostly Irpinia’s tasty food, which is the product of many traditions and experiences that have perfected it and made it so interesting. You will be guided between house farms and little villages to experience the process of Irpinia’s most famous ad special food traditions, which is involved around cheese and mozzarellas. You will discover the hidden process for the production of the pecorino of Bagnoli, from the traditional sheeps of Bagnoli and the world’s renown pecorino of Carmasciano, in order to fully comprehend the many steps and attention behind the creation of such a refined product. You could also visit the hinterland, on the Piana del Dragone, where there is the production of many unusual but delicious products, such as ‘formaggio ‘mbriaco’.

The Irpinia wine trails tours will be the perfect opportunity to escape from the grey city’s monotony and dive in a journey to the discovery of new food and wine experiences, surrounding yourself and your loved ones in the wild and keeping in touch with the heart of nature.

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