10 Luxury Safari Ideas That Will Guarantee You A Memorable Holiday Experience

Travel far from the busy world we live in to the unspoiled natural beauty

Luxury Safari Ideas

Travel experiences change us. They are exhilarating to the mind, body, and soul. But for my holiday experience on the Obudu Mountain, I would never have written and published my debut novel. The opportunities in every travel experience are limitless.

Of all the outdoor holidays available, Safari travel experiences are the most outstanding. Countless books and movies have shown us breathtaking pictures of Safari travelers embarking on adventure sports, lounging on breathtaking beaches and tucking into mouthwatering cuisines. We’ve all seen those sun-tanned holiday-goers searching the limitless Savannah for lions and giraffes, the breeze fanning their faces. Few photos are as enchanting as the awed expressions of travelers observing migrating wildebeests and the lure of nature.

Anyone who has been on a safari will tell you that nature changes you, especially when you’re on a luxury safari.

So what’s special about a luxury safari in Africa? A lot.

First, you are likely to benefit from the spectacular views and sounds of the remote and wild locations of the luxury accommodation. Imagine looking out of your window and seeing a variety of wildlife.

But a luxury safari stands out because you won’t have to sacrifice your comfort to get all of the benefits of the tour. The safari camps and lodges contain modern facilities and are built to the same standard as world-class hotels. So if you are looking for a perfect travel experience, then go on a luxury safari in Africa. A safari holiday has always been on my wish list of life’s supreme adventures, and I suggest you add a luxury safari to yours.

In the past, Safari trips focused on big-game hunting with rifles and scopes from Much of that has changed. Safari holidays are filled with field trips that involve observing and photographing wildlife. There are also hiking, sight-seeing guided tours and other ideas. Below are the top ten luxury safari ideas that can make your travel experience memorable.

1. Sightsee and Photograph Big Cats

To most people, the big cats are the eighth wonder of the world. What can outdoor holiday adventure trump a warm afternoon spent watching the graceful strides of cheetahs and leopards, or listening to the wild, heart-stopping roars of lions?

One safari traveler wrote about his excitement when he spotted one king of the jungle on the side of the road. And he got a beautiful photograph as well.

Sightseeing and photographing big cats are one very exciting way to learn about the circle of life in general. This makes it even better for families with young children. Everyone can learn about animal cycles and migration patterns. You might come away with a stunning snapshot of the mating ritual of a lion and lioness.

1. Sightsee and Photograph Big Cats

Lounge and Kite Surf

Very few activities are as relaxing as luxuriating on a beach while watching dhow-sailing fishermen casting their nets. And when you feel like riding the waves, you can always surf or swim in the clear blue waters. Considering that the East Zanzibar beach is one of the best places in the world to kite surf, budding and experienced kite surfers are sure to have a lot of fun.

I love the luxury properties because of the breathtaking view of the long stretch of white sandy beaches. And the opportunity to learn and perfect the art of kite surfing.

Home to over one thousand creatures, the sea is always alive with activity that can be sighted while you’re resting on the beach. It’s always best to book the most reliable safari and beach consultants. Not only will they suggest amazing ideas, but they’ll also guarantee that you enjoy your exploration of the varied, vast and breathtaking landscapes of Africa.

breathtaking landscapes of Africa

2. Water Sports: Fishing, Diving, and Snorkeling

The recreation and sport of catching fish are for the curious mind. It provides fantastic opportunities to explore the sea during your safari vacation. And the variety on offer is exciting. There is coarse fishing, angling and, of course, plenty of coastal fishing.

And if you’re interested in catching bigger fish offshore, your safari planners can organize fishing trips for you.

Lovers of adventure sports will enjoy recreational diving. I am enthralled by the idea of diving for leisure and enjoyment. Don’t be scared if you’re an amateur or beginner; you’ll be trained and given a scuba equipment.

There’s also something exciting for the hydrophobic. We have all seen masked swimmers wading on the surface of the sea or river, their fins, and short tubes visible under the water. That’s snorkeling. The short tubes are called snorkels. It provides an opportunity for people who want to overcome the fear of water. Plus it’s a great way to exercise your entire body while you’re holidaying.

recreational diving

3. Mountaineering

Mountain climbing is not a sport for the weak-hearted. But this endurance sport is worth the experience. In a documentary, a travel journalist showed an exciting video of an overnight trek up a mountain. His group hired a cook, a guide, and a porter. He explained how excited and proud he was to reach the mountaintop.

Trust me, the vast African savannah and wilderness is a sight to behold. Imagine miles and miles of nothing but miles and miles. And just when you aren’t expecting anything to happen, you see a leopard or lion at the mountaintop or a black or white rhino on a hill. It’s amazing.

Yes, I know about the time and effort required to climb a mountain. I am also aware of the daylong (and sometimes, nightlong) trek to the mountain top. But you can also try mountain climbing. One great aspect of this sport is that it is a full body workout. The climb exercises most muscles that aren’t affected by most regular workout routines. And consider the many benefits of building strength and endurance during your holidays.

mountain climbing

4. Bush Trekking

If you want to be transported back in time, try bush trekking. A bush trekking safari is a great opportunity for you to experience the wild the same way our ancestors did before the invention of highways. This adventure sport provides a great opportunity to exercise, learn as well as build strength and endurance levels.

No need to worry about dangerous wildlife. You will be accompanied by armed safari guides, one back-up guide or tracker. So safety is guaranteed at all times.

One traveler confessed how thrilling it was to explore new trails and tracks, observed animals at watering holes and rivers. Very few outdoor holidays are as exciting as the mysteries of the wild.

4. Bush Trekking

5. Canoeing, Kayaking, and Rafting

Ever wondered what it would feel like to canoe past hippos, elephants, and other water animals? Then you’ll enjoy the typical canoeing, kayaking and rafting activities of a water safari. You’ll learn to be calm in the face of these large animals. Most of the time, they don’t react to the canoes.

For me, the serenity and relaxation the non-motorized canoe offers are priceless. The canoes on the luxury safaris are very convenient and reliable. If your reason for holidaying is to reduce stress, put canoeing at the top of your list of luxury safari ideas.

Kayaking and rafting are huge hits with expedition lovers. The oceans are replete with varieties of tropical reefs, ship wrecks and a wide range of sea-life will make a memorable South African snorkeling experience.

6. Horse Riding, Elephant Riding, and Camel Riding

The thing with riding is the courage and excitement it draws out of you. I remember my first horse ride very fondly. Although my friend and I were astride the same horse, I still screamed with fright and glee every time the horse galloped. I felt at one with nature. I came alive. Next, on my wish list is riding an elephant and a camel.

Most safari travelers consider horse riding safari to be the ultimate riding safari activity. Perhaps because their horse riding outings lasted for a few days. And they enjoyed experiencing wildlife more uniquely.

Ever wondered what it would feel like to ride on the largest land animal? Then you should probably opt for an elephant-riding safari. A friend said an elephant ride is bound to be unforgettable.

Elephant riding like camel riding will give you an opportunity to interact with these enormous but gentle creatures. Imagine the elephants up close as you feel their rough skin, touch their tusks and are showered with water from their trunks.

Horse Riding

7. Mountain Biking and Quad Biking

One advantage of using a bicycle as a means of transport during your safari is its flexibility and ability to maneuver through difficult terrain.

Mountain biking is a truly enjoyable experience as you will explore specially selected bike routes, far away from all the normal road traffic.

If you’re a fit and active cyclist, then try a quad biking outing. You’ll be thrilled by the pristine, unspoiled African wildlife. If you do not own a quad bike just yet, check out the many quad bike finance deals UK options available at the link.

8. Boating (Including Living In A Houseboat)

I cannot think of a more beautiful way to enjoy a luxury safari. The roads and trails of a safari drive can be a little bumpy. So you should expect to be coated in dust, especially during the dry season. But after a fun and adventurous tour, there is nothing more relaxing than floating gently across rivers and streams. Imagine the view from the window, and how exciting it will be to observe water animals like crocodiles, hippos, water buffalos, etc.

And of course, there will be the musical splatter, splash and slither of the water creatures and the amazing view of bioluminescent creatures illuminating the water and limning the shores.


9. Hot Air Ballooning

Sometimes, a balloon safari seems to me to be the most exciting of all the activities. Although it is not very common in all locations, it is worth investing in a luxury safari for.

Imagine a balloon ride over the amazing sand dunes of the deserts or the vast wilderness and grass plains.  One of my friends described the experience as heavenly, especially when the balloon ride took her to the lovely white sandy beaches of the East Zambezi River.

If you aren’t afraid of heights. A balloon safari should be at the top of your list.

Hot Air Ballooning

Chioma Iwunze-Ibiam writes creative non-fiction and prose fiction. Her first novel, Finding Love Again, was based on a travel experience on the Obudu Cattle Ranch. She blogs regularly at Creative Writing News.

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