Summer in Dublin, Ireland

Summer in Ireland is a holiday to remember; summer in Dublin is one-of-a-kind. Dublin is definitely one of Ireland’s crown jewels, with its beautiful countryside, traditional music and dance, fantastic food and top of the line libations.
Of course, the friendly folks who live in Dublin enjoy it whenever tourists are about, too. It’s not uncommon to hear tales of the past and present from someone with a gleam in his eye who keeps younger than springtime in his Irish heart. Hotels in Dublin can be inexpensive, too, depending on what your budget is. Let’s have a look at what Dublin has to offer in the summer time.

Landmarks and Cultural Places in Dublin

Dublin has many interesting landmarks and cultural places, including Dublin Castle, which was founded in 1204 under the command of King John of England, following the Norman invasion of 1169. This breathtakingly beautiful establishment holds the Heineken Green Energy Festival every May, and is the source for other events.

There are other places like the famous Mansion House, where those who have held the title of Lord Mayor of Dublin have been living, since 1715. Here is where, in 1919, the Irish Declaration of Independence was proclaimed.

Other fine landmarks in Dublin include the Ha’Penny bridge (one of the most photographed items in Dublin), St. Patrick’s Cathedral and the Poolbeg Towers, in addition to other marvelous sights and cultural places like art galleries, cinemas and live theater performances.

Summertime Events in Dublin

May 1st is truly the start of all events for summer in Dublin, Ireland. Events that occur are a combination of festivals, traditional and non-traditional music nightly, and sporting events. There are also day and early evening visits to historic places in the area, which provide for wonderful photographic opportunities.

Some of the highlights during the summertime include the nightly happenings at the famous Temple Bar, daytime lectures on the history of the area, and summertime festivals which include a variety of traditional and non-traditional bands, musicians and singers.

Food and drink go hand in hand, whenever one is visiting Dublin, Ireland. The traditional food is unique and very delicious. Drinks run from the non-alcoholic teas to pints, which are typically larger than those served in other countries.

Cheap hotels do exist in Dublin, and you can easily find them, in addition to locating a good airline flight at a relatively good cost, too. Depending on whether or not you want to drive or be driving about in Dublin, car access is easily booked, too. Whether you have Irish roots or not, summer in beautiful Dublin, Ireland can really be a most memorable, special vacation; one that you will remember for years to come.


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