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Tips for Staying Cool During Hot Summer Vacations

Even though the summer and the great outdoors go hand-in-hand, it can be hard to stay outside for too long in the typical heat! Unfortunately, for most people, summertime is also the best time for traveling. And while it’s easy to step inside your house to refresh when your backyard gets too hot, it’s much harder to stay cool on vacation. Check out these tips to make sure the summertime sunshine doesn’t ruin your family’s vacation.


Opt for a hotel with a pool

If you’re traveling with children, finding a hotel with a pool can be a saving grace for your vacation. Come back to the hotel in the afternoon and let your kids take a swim. A lot of vacation time can be spent standing and learning, which is draining on children, and the pool is a time to just play around. Trust us, your kids will appreciate this. Plus you get to relax, too!


See the museums

Many popular family destinations have great museums and monuments. Stay cool by visiting these indoor attractions during the hottest part of the day. Plan your vacation by visiting nearby museums on the same day; this eliminates extra time spent in the sun. For example, if you’re in New York City, visit MoMA and let your kids enjoy the children’s audio tour before you look at the artwork, then head around the corner to the Paley Center (formerly the Museum of Television and Radio). You’ll have hit two of NYC’s great museums while spending minimal time on the heat soaked streets under the blistering afternoon sun!


Sightsee early or late

If you spend the hottest part of the day outside, the whole family will tire out fast and the trip will be much less enjoyable. Wake up early to do your major sightseeing or save it for later in the day (maybe after that afternoon swim!). The city will have cooled off and seeing New Orleans’ unique French Quarter architecture is much more appealing without sweat streaming across your face. You could even investigate evening bus tours or carriage rides!



With all the heat, it’s easy to become dehydrated during the summer. But on vacation, you frequently stay so busy that you forget to drink water. Make sure the entire family brings refillable plastic water bottle on the trip. Having it around serves as a good reminder to keep drinking, and you can refill it in bathrooms or public water fountains.


Choose a cooler destination

If you can skip the hot cities, choose a cool destination for your family’s trip. Many of the top ski resorts are also excellent summer vacation spots. Both Jackson Hole, WY and Breckenridge, CO provide visitors with nonstop outdoor adventures like whitewater rafting, hiking, and swimming during the summer months. And unlike during the winter, you’ll find yourself enjoying comfortable temperatures in the late 70s and early 80s. If outdoor adventures aren’t for your family, book a flight to San Francisco. The California tourist hotspot is famous for its cool mid-60 degree summers.

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