JustFly’s top beauty hacks you need to know before your trip

beauty hacks you need to know before your trip

Trying to keep yourself looking good while on the go is always hard: no matter how much prep you put into remembering your essential beauty products, you always inevitably forget to bring something with you! But when it comes to bringing your products with you while traveling, this is an entirely different ball game. Making sure that all your products are transportable, meet strict airline regulations, or won’t burst under the pressure and weight of your bag is hard enough. With this in mind, JustFly reviews all the products you need to make sure you’re looking good and keeping fresh while abroad.

Invest in a sturdy (and large enough) make up case, and know what you can leave at home

makeup case traveling 2016

Finding a makeup bag that can fit all your essentials with you while you’re on the go is the first thing you need to do. Centralizing all your products in one location makes it easier to bring everything, and also lets you keep a tab on your products. Consistency in packing means you’re going to notice when something goes missing instead of assuming it’s in a random pocket of a jean jacket you wore three days ago. You can also take good care of your skin while traveling by using premium products found on this site:


Oftentimes we forget (or rather, willfully neglect) to apply regular sunscreen to our faces while we go out. According to Nubo Beauty, this is a huge problem for two reasons; not only will your face turn a wonderful shade of lobster red from the inevitably sun burn you’ll get, but you also put yourself at risk for sun damage. At this point, travellers and consumers are well aware of the damage harmful UV rays impose on our skins, so lathering up on the sunscreen is definitely a must. If you’re really opposed to liquid sunscreen, then JustFly suggests bringing an aerosol bottle of sunscreen (which is in the form of a mist application, rather than a cream), or checking to see if your regular makeup has SPF protection!

Make your own travel sized containers

Due to airline and government restrictions placed on liquid containers, trying to fit everything you need into your carry-on bag is naturally difficult, but you also don’t want to waste the space of bringing these bulk items with you in your checked baggage. You know that the drug store carries convenient travel size items of your favourite products, but doing the quick mental math, you realize how grossly overpriced these adorable, and itty-bitty bottles cost. Instead, go to the dollar store (or even sift around your home) and find small containers that can be used to store your product while you travel.

Portable wet clothes

portable wetclothes

Not feeling your freshest? We get it, traveling is tough and hard on the skin, and sometimes all you want to do is wipe the dirt of the day off your face. Bringing antibacterial towelettes is a must in any beauty travel kit and can be used in a variety of ways. Keep yourself—and your skin—feeling great no matter the time or the place with these hands little guys.

Downsize, everything.

Unless your 72 colour eyeshadow palette can fit in your makeup bag (please note, we didn’t say computer bag), then leave it at home. Reduce the bulk and weight of your bag as much as you can, so make sure to get creative in what you bring! Makeup should be colours and tones that you can wear both day and night, and that are easy to apply. Bring Q-tips for applying eye shadows, or lipsticks, and leave the bulky brushes at home.

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