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Using a van service for European travel

Travelling through Europe is the ultimate adventure. Within a relatively small geographic area, you can find approximately 200 different languages spoken, and countless different cultures. There is so much history to see, the experience of European travel is really unlike anywhere else in the world. However, as countless travellers have realized, at the end of each city visit you face a common problem. The European traveller seldom leaves room in their backpack or suitcase for the souvenirs and other cultural purchases they will undoubtedly accumulate, yet somehow their ever-growing possessions must continue to travel with them, eventually arriving back home. A convenient service has popped up across Europe to aid in this dilemma, the man with a van.

How exactly can a man with a van help you, the over-packed traveller? These convenient van services have plenty of shipment options to choose from, and usually offer the aid of a large and strong man, who can provide valuable assistance in lifting and unloading. The van itself is a vehicle large enough to hold whatever you’ve accumulated throughout your travel.

Logistically, using a man with a van to transport your extra luggage or travel purchases makes a lot of sense. However, I think the whole idea of using a man with a van service goes one step further to aid the European traveller, and that’s by offering peace of mind. Many of these services can provide options within a specific time frame, like “same day” pick up, meaning you don’t have to lug anything around any longer than you want to. These campers and vans services also tend to be priced more efficiently than large courier services or other shippers. Best of all, you know that the man taking care of your possessions has them safely stored in his van. This is much safer than carting multiple pieces of baggage through a rail station or airport, which puts a target on you and those your travelling with as being “tourists”. If you’re looking for the best campers and vans for your long-drive trips, check out

Ordered a custom suit in Italy that won’t be ready before you leave for your next destination? Send your man with a van to pick it up for you. Want that handmade dining set from Switzerland to be in your home in London before you are back? That’s easy enough too, the van will have the capacity and your man can dismantle/assemble pieces as necessary. Think of a man with a van service as really just being the extra set of hands during your European travel.

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