West Coast Motorhome Travel Destinations

Now that you’ve bought that brand new motorhome for you and your family, it’s time to make use of it and do some traveling. You have the whole world at your fingertips, so where is the best place to take the family on your first road trip?


The Pacific Coast presents some beautiful sights, sounds, and experiences. Pristine beaches where land meets water and the sky seems to just melt into the horizon. The West Coast may be the best place to test out your used motorhome. Let’s take a look at some of the best travel destinations in the Pacific Coast’s California.


Southern California

With your used RV California should be one of your top destinations. Southern California is home to beautiful beaches, bustling cities, a fair few forests, and a relaxed atmosphere that helps you forget any and all of your troubles.

  • First off is San Diego. With some of the best beaches and temperate weather all year round, San Diego is sure to give you and your family a chance to cool down and chill out. Park your RV along the coast and take advantage of all the beach activities available. Remember to visit any of the restaurants in the area for delicious local foods.
  • Dusting the sand off your shoes, it’s time to make your way to the Los Angeles area. LA presents numerous options for the motorhome traveler. Park your RV at Dockweiler Beach to visit the nearby Santa Monica Pier and enjoy a beautiful sunset. While you are there, take care of some shopping down the Third Street Promenade.

Take your family to Disneyland, which has several RV parks nearby to park your vehicle for multiple nights. Enjoy all the thrill rides and adventures at the Happiest Place on Earth.

  • If you’re more in the mood for an outdoor experience, camping is a great way to make use of your motorhome and have some family fun. Joshua Tree National Park offers a desert camping experience with hiking, climbing, and birding opportunities. Farther north is Sequoia National Park, home to forests of sequoia trees.

Northern California

You will find a distinct difference between Southern and Northern California. Though it may not have the same relaxing beaches, Northern California still has plenty of attractions for the motorhome traveler.


Stop by Monterey to visit the famous aquarium which displays over 550 species of marine plants and animals. Salinas, the largest municipality in Monterey, is the hometown of Nobel Prize winning author John Steinbeck. San Francisco might not be the best place to drive through in your motorhome, but with plenty of RV parks and resorts in the area, you should not miss this city. If you are considering a Motorhome road trip with the family, you should also consider checking this article about How Often Do Motorhomes Get Broken Into.

Northern California is also home to the beautiful Redwood National Forest and tons of amazing camping spots.


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