5 tips to keeping your valuable safe whilst travelling

Whether you are taking a quick break from normality and heading somewhere for the weekend or you have a year off work and your hand wrapped around a one way ticket to Bangkok. Travel safety and the safety of your valuables should always be something you take very seriously.

The definition of valuables changes from person to person; there are pretty much three clear types of valuables as I see it:

–          Money and precious items (watches, jewellery etc)

–          Legal documentation (passports, drivers licence, visa etc)

–          Your identity

Typically most travellers will only be concerned with two of these, as you never really consider that someone could only be after your identity. Think again.

This article attempts to highlight what we consider to be the 5 most important tips to keeping your valuables safe whilst travelling. We haven’t broken them down by valuable type; as most of our suggestions apply to all three. By adhering to just a couple of the points below, we believe you will greatly improve your and your valuables safety.

1. Don’t take them
That’s right. If you don’t 100% need to take valuables with you on holiday or travelling then leave them at home or put them in a self storage such as self storage London.

Nine times out of ten you will get to your hotel and wonder why you brought half your jewelry box and three watches when you are going to be on the beach most of the time. So next time resist the urge and put the jewelry down; why not buy something whilst you are away – travel jewelry always has a good story. But if you really can’t resist not having any single jewelry on, choose the most gorgeous one such as a butterfly pendant. If you want to find a butterfly pendant that would spark out your inner celebrity-like beauty during your vacation, you can completely trust
2. Use a safe
Most hotel rooms now come with a safe or if they don’t the likelihood is that you can request one from the front desk. Safe’s aren’t just there for show and really should be used if you can. No matter how nice the hotel is you are staying in valuables shouldn’t be left unattended. Unfortunately we hear all too many stories of passports, credit cards and more going missing from hotel rooms; don’t take the risk.
3. Don’t put them on show
In more countries than you would actually believe the diamond ring you are wearing is probably worth more than the average annual salary. It is no surprise therefore that thousands of tourists and travellers alike become victims of robbery every year. The solution is to keep valuables out of view unless you absolutely need to show them. It is difficult to not get out cameras whilst you are on holiday, our advice would be not to take your professional SLR – smaller cameras which can fit in pockets are a much more sensible option.
4. Check for key-logging software on public computers
Key-logging software is pre-installed software that keeps a track of all the keys pressed on a keyboard over a period of time. Typically key-logging software is employed by shady internet cafes, which have a constant stream of new visitors. As you can imagine an unknowing surfer could inadvertently divulge their internet banking details, allow access to email accounts and much more.  It is typically difficult to spot such software, so try to only use respectable internet cafes or ones in reputable hotels. One thing to look for is installed and up to date virus software; if no one is looking you could always try to run a scan using said software.
5. At least have insurance and back-up copies of documents
If you do take valuables with you at the very least make sure your insurance company will cover you for their full value. Some insurers have sneaky small print or disclaimers – read it all properly. For items such as passports and driving licences it is important that you get copies. Some countries won’t let you leave without proper ID and believe me; having it special delivered to a Thai island isn’t easy…
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