Business Travelers – Discount Codes for Hotels and Car Rentals Can Save you A Lot of Money

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If you travel frequently for business, you know how expensive traveling can be. Things like food, hotels, and car rentals can get very expensive, very quickly. The good news is that you can save a lot of money by spending a little bit of time doing some research for discount codes. Discount codes for hotels and car rentals are not difficult to find and they can offer you some substantial savings.

Hotel Discount Codes

Why would hotels offer discount codes? Offering discount codes is an opportunity for hotels to present their customers with a win-win situation. It’s obvious how the customer benefits, they get a reduced rate on the hotel room. The way the hotels benefit is that offering discounts helps them to sell rooms that would otherwise remain vacant. It also gives the hotels a chance to impress their customers with the amenities that they offer, hopefully increasing the chances that that traveler will return in the future, or recommend the hotel to friends, family members, and business associates.

Hotel discount codes are not difficult to find on the Internet. A simple search in your favorite search engine can often uncover many opportunities for savings. In addition to discount codes, you can often find other bonuses like a free extra night’s stay, a free room upgrade, or discounts on other services or amenities like fine dining or spa treatments. Once you find a coupon code, using it is pretty easy. When booking your hotel, the website will often have a box that will allow you to enter a promotional code which will then discount your final price before you make your purchase.

Car Rental Discount Codes

Car rental companies also offer discount codes on a regular basis. The reasons for doing so are largely the same as the reasons that hotels offer these discounts. It gives the car rental companies a chance to rent out vehicles that would otherwise sit in a parking lot and it also increases their chances for securing repeat customers. The amount you save may be as little as 10% but can often be as much as 30% on weekdays, and as much as 50% on weekends. That is a substantial savings.

Car rental companies often offer discount codes to people that are members of certain clubs or associations. If you are the member of a travel club, a frequent flyer program, AAA, or some other organization, you may receive coupons and discount codes on a regular basis. If you are not receiving coupons in the mail, or discount codes via e-mail, you can do a search online to look for car rental discount codes. You can also make a few telephone calls to some of the top car rental agencies and ask them if they have any discounts available for business travelers.

If you are a member of several different clubs, programs, or organizations, it is possible that you might receive discount codes for several different car rental companies. If this is the case, take a little time to check into all of your options to find out which company will give you the best rates. Spending a few extra minutes to compare prices can save you quite a bit of money.

Watch Expiration Dates

The one problem that you may run into with discount codes is that many times, they will expire after a relatively short period of time. After a discount code expires, it is not necessarily deleted from the Internet, so it is possible to find discount codes that are no longer valid. If you are finding your discount codes from a good and reliable source, they will likely have expiration dates listed so you won’t waste your time trying to use discount those that are no longer valid.

Some websites are dedicated exclusively to travel discount codes, or even exclusively to car rental discount codes or hotel discount codes. These sites are normally much more well-maintained, and the site operators will check the codes on a regular basis to remove the codes that are no longer valid. This ensures that their site visitors have the highest chance of using a discount code that is still valid and codes that offer the greatest savings.

Author Bio – This article has been written by Ingrid Kinsella on behalf of specializing in providing discounts to businesses through group buying since 1997. If you’re on the lookout for hotel coupon codes or searching for car rental discounts, do check out their website today.

5 Quick Tips on Getting the Best Flight Deals This Holiday Season

5 Quick Tips on Getting the Best Flight Deals This Holiday Season

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