Magaluf, Majorca- A fiesta of summer clubbing

Europe has always been a summer mecca for clubbers and festival goers all over the world. Ibiza paved the way, becoming a must in many summer calendars for clubbers. But its Balearic brother Majorca has a gem of its own, Magaluf. The party capital is rapidly building a reputation as a rival for Ibiza and is appealing to many people as a serious alternative. Why it may lack some of the glamour of Ibiza, in these credit crunch times a cheaper summer holiday is worth its weight in gold. So what brings the cream of music to this Mediterranean Island?

Cheap Magaluf holidays offer young clubbers the chance to enjoy a hedonistic summer of dancing, drinking and remembering it all the next morning by the pool. Add to this glorious sunshine and a beautiful Balearic backdrop and you can see why thousands flock to the Island each summer. It is this mixture of beautiful by day, and fantasia at night that appeals to so many and why Magaluf is gaining international recognition.

There is a vibe in Magaluf that is hard to replicate, it is a mixture of elements that make this Island appealing and why it should be on your list of things to do this summer or next. This holiday feeling builds slowly during the day, as thousands relax and frolic on beautiful beaches and sip on cocktails at trendy bars. If this isn’t enough there is water sports for adrenalin junkies looking to take it up a few notches before a night out. Holidaymakers enjoy banana boats, diving, snorkelling, parasailing and jet skiing. This sets the tone for what lies in store once the sun has set and a party vibe settles over Magaluf.

The Punta Ballena strip is the where the action lies, this hub of activity is a collection of bars and clubs that provide good music and a lively atmosphere for thousands of party goers that line the streets. It could be described as a European Mardi Gras as tourists meet and greet over loud beats and smiles. The best however is yet to come. Magaluf plays welcoming host to a number of mega clubs, top of this list is BCM-Planet Dance. This club is a meeting place of DJ gods, and where the tag ‘God is a DJ’ comes to life. International DJ’s David Guetta, DeadMaus and DJ Sammy are residents, playing block rocking beats and entertaining clubbers who are revelling in the festival atmosphere. While clubbers dance until the sun rises, Magaluf gets ready to replicate the magical vibe once again and all through the summer.

Magaluf Holidays offer everything you could want from a hedonistic summer holiday or break, with the best DJ’s and Mediterranean weather all you need to do is bring yourself.

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