5 top tips for keeping your home safe whilst you are away

5 top tips for keeping your home safe whilst you are away

The last thing you want to be doing whilst on your holiday is worry about the property you left at home! It can be stressful enough getting to the airport on time, making sure all your bags are the correct weight and that you have filled out all the correct visas without even thinking about how you left your home?

These simple tips should give you that piece of mind that you need to feel relaxed and get the most out of your holiday.

1.    Lock up!

A home lockout is making sure all your doors and windows are locked and properly secured. It might sound like stating the obvious but a lot (20%) of burglars simply walk or climb in through open windows and doors. If you’re not confident with your locks, have a locksmith dublin change your locks for a piece of mind. Have a checklist before you leave and make sure that there are no keys on view through the windows. Put away laptops and games consoles, thieves like easily transportable goods that they can sell on fast, so make sure everything is out of sight.

2.    Invest in light timers

Light timers are a cheap and easy way to make your property look occupied while your away make sure you set them in different rooms of the house to give that authentic feel that there are people inside. You can also use the timers to trigger TV’s and radios to enhance the effect that people are at home.

3.    Install a alarm 

Burglars choose houses that they think will be the easiest to get into so they will pick a home that hasn’t got an alarm over the one that has. Alarms have moved on since they first appeared on the market and lots now offer a key fob, like the one for your car, so all you have to do is push a button when you have left the building to arm the alarm, simple peace of mind. In case there’s any emergency call locksmith shop in Florida for a faster solution.

4. Know thy neighbour

The best people to be your eyes and ears whilst you are away are your neighbours; they will be the first to spot something a miss if it happens. Ask them to look out for anything suspicious or simply to water your plants while you’re away. If you don’t know your neighbours then think about starting a neighbourhood watch scheme, you’d be surprised how receptive neighbours are to the idea.        

5. Hide your luggage tags

Thieves have been known to hang around airports looking for luggage tags because they know that those houses will be unoccupied. All you have to do is make sure that your tags are hidden from prying eyes. Make sure your luggage is identifiable from the inside as well, baggage machines can rip off the tags in transits so put a piece of paper in the top of your bag with all your details, so if your bag does get lost who ever opens it will know how to contact you easily.


We hope that these tips will help you have a more restful holiday and let you fully relax safe in the knowledge that you have taken steps to avoid the worst-case scenarios.

This article was brought to you by Yale home alarm systems. Yale are committed to ensuring consumers have enough information and knowledge to make the correct industry choices.

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