Relaxing escapades to Lanzarote

Palm trees, sun, golden sands and the deep blue of the Atlantic combine into a nearly virgin landscape that becomes an oasis of tranquillity. The relaxing green of the vineyards, the savage charm of small islands dotting the coast and the taste of local cuisine come together in Lanzarote for truly unforgettable experiences.

In this natural environment, many spas and relaxation centres offer a wide range of treatments, from millenary techniques to the most modern beauty practices. Luxury hotels in Lanzarote provide all these services at accessible prices, making them a perfect destination for a relaxing escapade.

The care of Mind and Body in a luxury environment

The gentle and relaxing sensation of warmth from grains of sand has encouraged a new trend in Europe: psammatotherapy. The body is immersed in sand for 20 minutes, where its action, coupled with the benefits of seawater, relieve many discomforts and prove to be an excellent exfoliating agent.

Many Hotels in Lanzarote have a Thalasso Centre, providing alternative therapies based on thalassotherapy. This therapeutic method utilizes the properties of the ocean and the marine climate to work on the harmony of body and mind. Thalassotherapy centres in Lanzarote also offer other services such as Ayurvedic techniques, anti-stress or hot rock massage, cellulitis treatments, silhouette remodeling, and facial treatments.

However, truly magical experiences will come in hand with rituals. The Jamululur is a body therapy that originated in the island of Java over 3500 years ago. Its wonders are based on deep massage with tropical flowers that oxygenate and detox tissues, resulting in a state of profound relaxation. Also recommended is the Polynesian ritual, which uses coconut fragrances and Tiaré flowers to beautify the skin and completely eliminate stress.

Relaxing adventures

After achieving a perfect synchrony between body and mind, nothing is better than enjoying nature at its fullest. Although Lanzarote offers many different alternatives for experiencing its natural wonders, maybe one of its least known but more relaxing marvels is a trip in a catamaran.

Losing yourself in the deep blue of the Atlantic while waves play at your feet is set to be an unforgettable experience. The trip lasts almost four hours, leaving enough time to sunbathe or enjoy a delicious maritime lunch.

Lanzarote is also an excellent destination for wedding trips and many hotels and spas offer special spa packages with ritual massage and treatments specifically designed for newly wed couples.

Thanks to the many offers of flights and hotels in Lazarote available on the Internet, arranging a relaxing escapade to the island is no longer a rare luxury. Moreover, each year new spas are opening in Lanzarote, and not only in five-star hotels, so you will be able to find more accessible prices in small spas and mid-range hotels.

If your budget doesn’t allow spa treatments, you may still enjoy the natural gifts of the ocean and outstanding maritime climate, and let yourself be carried away by the virgin nature of the island.

BMM write about hotels in Lazarote and how you can enjoy this fantastic island.

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