Securing your Home for a Family Holiday

It happens once or twice a year, maybe more if you are fortunate, but the day before you go on holiday could be the most important day of your trip. There were nearly ¾ of a million burglaries in the UK in 2010 and I would hesitate to guess a good percentage of that figure was when families were away from home on their holidays.

Whether you spend the weeks before your holiday preparing for your departure or you do it last minute most people leave for the airport stressed so try following our simple steps below:

  1. 1. Double check all locks and windows

Before you jump in the taxi have one final check of all doors and windows. Make sure you check windows from the inside rather than the outside as it can be deceptive. Combined, entry through the windows and doors of a home account for the entry point of 25% and 73% of all UK burglaries respectively.

  1. 2. Flaunt your Security Measures

Research has shown that homes that display a security sticker in their window are nearly 20% less likely to be targeted. So, invest in a sign or join a scheme. To reinforce your security even further, you can also try other measures such as the ones from Hadlow Security Shutters leading providers of security shutters.

  1. 3. Join the Neighbourhood Watch

People may think you are a busy body but these schemes do have a great purpose. By joining the local neighbourhood watch, neighbours and the community are aware of your departure and can check for strangers lurking around the street. You can even let them have keys so they can collect letters and turn lights on at night.

  1. 4. Cancel Weekly or Monthly Subscriptions

Always remember to cancel subscriptions to magazines or even your milk as a build-up of items on your doorstep lets robbers know that no one is home.

  1. 5. Turn on Any Security System

Make sure you are familiar with your home alarm system before you go. Learn about any features of your home security system and get into a habit of turning it on every time you leave the home.


Try to make your holiday as panic free as possible. These alarm buying tips are brought to you by Yale home security systems are committed to bringing awareness of the security you can get for your homes.

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