Singapore Vacation – An Overview of the Best Vacation

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Singapore Vacation

Apart from being a prime business hub and destination for many people, Singapore is also an amazing tourist destination. Singapore is one of the best Asian countries to focus on and visit as opposed to what many people just pass by on their way to other destinations. A visit to Singapore is not complicated. There are numerous tips on the web on how to gear up for a Singapore vacation. As an overview of how the Singapore vacation, below is a five-day itinerary.

Day 0: Arrival to Singapore

Flying to Singapore is easy from any part of the world as they have an international carrier airline which uses frequent schedules. Booking a hotel near the airport is easy, although a pre-booking is better to avoid last-minute disappointment. The best time to arrive is in the evening and take a rest before the first day of the itinerary, full of amazing fun and activities.

Day 1: Sentosa Island

Sentosa has to be the first destination for a reason; it is one of the most fun locations in Singapore. The Island is basically meant to be an attraction site that one cannot help but enjoy. Some of the fun activities to enjoy here include the following:

  • Parties – the Island has frequent open beach parties, or just pop into one of the popular beach clubs and have fun.
  • Cable car – gives a thrilling and breathtaking site seeing opportunity.
  • Wonderful beaches – enjoy the clean, sandy beaches with warm water and cooling breezes
  • Theme parks – an awesome option for kids to enjoy the feeling of being in a Jurassic Park

Day 2: The Bay

Singapore. Marina Bay Sands Hotel
Singapore. Marina Bay Sands Hotel

Spending this day around the bay gardens is the best idea one can have. It entails running up and down by the gardens in the morning. Lunch at one of the many Marina Bay food courts is awesome as well. For a hot day, you may probably opt to swim at one of the hotels around the area. A good way to wind down is with dinner at an asian restaurant of your choice before heading back to the hotel.

Day 3: S.E.A Aquarium and China Town shopping

S.E.A Aquarium

Just at the middle of the holiday, this is the perfect day to plan some shopping. The morning will be better used at the S.E.A Aquarium for a fantastic time with the sea life. Interacting with the wildlife is amazing both for kids and adults alike. The afternoon will make a perfect day shopping at the China town, or any other shopping mall, for that matter.

Day 4: Universal Studios

If traveling with kids, you just have to reserve a whole day for this location. It is full of life, and the themed park is one of the best in this part of Asia. It is an international standard park with numerous activities.

Day 5: Adventure Cove water park

Adventure Cove water park

As a way to sum up the holiday, this location has to be reserved for the last day. Kids can have all the fun they need playing with water and identifying different types of fish at the aquarium. Lunch at one of the restaurants will be good, and then the second part of the day can be used to pack and get ready for the night flight.

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