The Five Best Ways to Spend your Turkish Holiday

Turkish Holiday

Turkey is a beautiful place to visit, full of wonder and history. It is a land with some of the world’s finest cuisine, and at its heart is one of the greatest cities around the world. Come here for cultural depth, breathtaking landscapes and a plethora of activities for the entire family.

Turkmen Treehouses, Olympus

Nestled within the cliffs and woodlands in antiquated Lycian Valley are the Turkmen treehouses. Awaken each dawn up among the birds and savor breakfast in a hammock below your tree. Daytimes are passed searching the valley, with boat travels, canoeing, swimming and hiking. Eves are for taking in the glimmering stars from the solace of your summerhouse while hearing live music emanating from the Golge bar.


The seaward village of Cirali, is completely enchanting. The first-class beach is a favorite nesting place for loggerhead and green deep-sea turtles, and the luculent water makes for good swimming. To the north, you are able to search the ruination of the olden city of Olympus. Visitants to the beach can range over the dilapidations of a coliseum, conduits and Byzantine graves in the search for souvenirs.


Kadiköy is an active district in the Asian section of the city. There’s a marketplace and scores of small-scale specialty shops, dealing such things as cheese, honey, herbs, gold, antiques and used books. Here is the spot to discover the real heart of the city. After shopping for a while, sit at one of the numerous small eateries for a local delicacy. Give the battered mussels a try.

Golden Key, Bördübet

Observe kingfishers and swans from the balcony of this hotel. Charter a serene boat trip to the secluded beach club where you are able to float out to relax on a raft or search the vacant coastline by kayak. Take a daytime jaunt to the Sultaniye thermal spa. There you will find mud baths and hot springs. Eat lunch directly across from the Carian sepulchers at Kaunos and finish your day with a twilight feast at the Golden Key’s beach restaurant.

Kalkan Villas

If you’re looking for some of the best villas in Turkey, the land bordering this brilliant and urbane maritime town is home base to many of our top-quality villas in Kalkan. With superior waterside eating houses, the musical rhythm of jazz on the late evening breeze, characteristic Ottoman Grecian architecture, and the beauty throughout the land itself, holidays in Kalkan make for unforgettable memories. Give Kalkan Villas a try.

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