Fly Drive Holidays: Tips and Advice

Fly Drive Holidays: Tips and Advice

When your idea of a fantastic holiday is one that’s flexible, versatile and involves you hitting the open road, a fly drive holiday is the perfect choice. Fly drive holidays mean that there will be a car waiting for you on arrival at your destination airport, with no concern about transfers, taxis or public transport.

Some fly drives will see you following a planned itinerary, with your accommodation – and even meals and excursions – already booked in. Other, more spontaneous types, can simply pick up the car keys, hit the open road, and see where the mood takes them! That’s the beauty of the fly drive – they offer the freedom to enjoy your holiday your way.

Where To?

Deciding where to head to on a fly drive holiday can seem like an impossible task. However, some places, cities and countries lend themselves especially well to the fly drive experience. America is an obvious one, with popular destinations within a reasonable drive of one another. Canada is another good choice, as is South Africa. A fly drive holiday offers a fantastic opportunity to see several destinations in one trip.


Consider the weather and therefore the driving conditions of your chosen destination, and choose a time to visit accordingly. You should also research any festivals, events, public holidays etc, which are likely to clog up the roads and avoid coinciding your trip with these times.

Which Car?

Which car to go for is a very personal choice. Some fly driver’s love the iconic romance of a traditional ‘convertible’ driving experience, whereas others take a more practical viewpoint. Your choice of vehicle will largely depend on your destination, the terrain, and your driving preferences. If something goes wrong with the vehicle and you get stuck in the middle of the highway, don’t hesitate to call for a towing service dublin.

Essential Documents

Be sure to keep your driver’s license (both parts), insurance, and other documents with you at all times like the ones which may have been authenticated by companies like the Apostille New York. When staying in hotels keep them secure in the hotel safe if possible – just don’t forget them when you move on!

Route Plan

A planned itinerary break from a major fly drive specialist such as Trailfinders will take all the hard work out of planning a route. Someone else has done all the research and hardwork, so you don’t have to, coming up with exciting and practical ways to see your destination of choice by car.

If you are going it alone, be sure to plan your route carefully, and hire a sat nav system along with your car. The last thing you want is to be getting lost somewhere completely unfamiliar.

Be Realistic

When planning your route, itinerary, or excursions, it’s important to be realistic about the amount of driving you can do and the amount of sightseeing you can fit into one day. You should factor in plenty of breaks and enough time to see what you want to see without rushing on to the next phase of your trip.


Above all, be sure to enjoy your amazing trip of a lifetime. When done right, a fly drive holiday can be a real adventure that you’ll remember fondly for many years to come.

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