Weird Alternative Hotel Constructions


For some of us, staying hotels can get a little bit boring and stale. This is generally because once you have been to one; you have been to them all. They may look a little different but they are essentially the same wherever you seem to go…or are they?

Over the years hotels have been trying to spice themselves up a little, there are themed hotels popping up everywhere it seems to keep us entertained and interested. Whilst some of them certainly do, there have been some truly remarkable ideas and creations put together that even these themed hotels can match.

We are going to bring those people that are looking for something completely different with regards to spending a few nights in a hotel.

Hotel Under Water?


Dubai has always been known to have some outlandish ideas; however they are currently in the process of designing and building a huge hotel complex, with half of it submerged under water. They are not stopping with one either, they plan several more in the future too.

The World Discus Hotel is certainly going to be a logistical nightmare, though if they manage to pull it off it will truly be a work of art. There is set to be 21 underwater rooms, which will no doubt be more expensive than the above water variations…this is Dubai after all.

It will not be the first ever underwater hotel though, that achievement belongs to the Rangali Islands Resort, which can be found in the Maldives. Guests can enjoy nights living under the Indian Ocean, an experience that everyone should take up at least once in their life.

A Warm Night In An Ice Hotel?


What started as just an igloo 20 years ago has now turned into a fully fledged Ice Hotel in Lapland, Sweden. For anyone who is after a chilling new feel to hotel breaks, there certainly cannot be anything more extreme than this.

What makes this even crazier is that the hotel actually melts once a year and is fully reconstructed the following winter. Planning a stay here? Check to make sure it is still standing first!

Room For One?


Over in Japan there is a new hotel craze sweeping the nation, Capsule Hotels! These are very tiny rooms that literally give you enough room to lie down in. These were initially designed for workers who had perhaps missed their last train home, or perhaps just had a few too many Sake’s.

However, they have created quite a trend; they are economically friendly, cheap and are perfect for a quick overnight stay.

How About A Night In A Shipping Container?


The British are of course not going to be outdone on quirky new ideas; a new Travelodge has recently opened up in Uxbridge that is made entirely from shipping containers. To have a look at it however, you really wouldn’t have guessed what it was constructed of. For those wondering or maybe even got inspired to switch to shipping container homes, here’s how to prep ground for a shipping container.

The construction actually saved the firm over £500k to construct it whilst also built it ten weeks faster than a regular styled hotel. It has 120 bedrooms and is actually quite lavish on the inside. It is definitely worth a look or a nights stay at the very least.

So if you are a bit of a hotel fanatic or just like to experience something a little out of the ordinary, why not take a break at one of the hotels suggested. Not that we’re bragging or anything (perhaps just a little), but we think our own Legoland Hotel is pretty swell (especially for LEGO-lovers such as ourselves). What are the best themed hotels you’ve seen? Have you stayed at any?

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