Why Southampton Is Great For A Weekend Away

Why Southampton Is Great For A Weekend Away
Where to go for a weekend away? A dumbfounding question, you may find. Are you fed up of visiting the same old town, or city, every time you venture away for a break? Perhaps those queues which flood the motorways, on those scorching bank holiday weekends, leading to such infamously popular places, just aren’t for you any more.There are many destinations which come to mind when musing over the prospect of a weekend away. One city which may not always have been at the forefront of your reasonings, is the warm, vibrant coastal city of Southampton. The city bears a different sort of warmth in fact — much of the heating in Southampton town centre is provided by hot springs located miles below ground, sourced by an innovative geothermal well. Nifty, you may think. But perhaps not the ozone friendly deal-breaker you were looking for.

I understand. Thankfully, the city has a great deal to offer above ground, too. The beautiful seaside town is loved by both its residents, and the many visitors who venture down to the South coast. Those who have experienced Southampton will be able to attest to the rich history, bustling nightlife and captivating tourist destinations of the old maritime town on the South coast.

Southampton boasts the title of the ‘Greenest City in Southern England’. Not at all bad, when you consider the rolling countryside of Kent, particularly Canterbury, and other such paradisal seclusions in the back garden of England. The city of Southampton is populated by parks and open spaces. I suppose then, that it makes absolute sense that Southampton is home to the oldest bowling green in the world, dating back to at least 1299.

Although I am sure we can all appreciate the serene, tranquil, almost meditative nature of bowls, perhaps the game just isn’t quite your thing. However if we consider in tandem, the warmth provided by the hot springs, tapped into by the notorious geothermal well (which you so callously disregarded earlier), and the luscious bowling lawns of Southampton, the combination may just give the game a contemporary, exotic edge, from far below the crust of the Earth. You may feel it necessary to adorn a Hawaiian shirt, or a straw hat, in the conditions. May it be considered the English Riviera’s flamboyant counterpart of the beach volleyball in Rio de Janeiro.

Perhaps I am somewhat off the radar, with that one. Yet, fear not, for the city really can provide opportunity for many keen explorers, as well as diverse groups of people. For those who are partial to a night out on the town, Southampton can more than fulfil the average expectations. Being a city which hosts two Universities, there is a fantastic array of bars, clubs, pubs and even casinos, if you are feeling lucky. Oceana, a night club on the West Quay Road, offers a lively, friendly atmosphere, with a number of rooms based around the theme of illustrious global destinations. These establishments prove extremely popular with groups of friends looking for a memorable night out in a new city, and many brides-to-be endeavour to provide unforgettable Southampton hen parties.

If you would rather steer clear of the hustle and bustle of the nightlife, and spare the dance-floors from a trampled barrage of your best shapes from the eighties, then the city becomes yours to explore throughout the day. With everything from museums; galleries, dance classes, harbour tours, glamping sites, life drawing classes and shopping centres, Southampton really has it all to offer. On top of this, the city is home to Southampton Football Club, a team which play at a good standard in English football, with a unique playing style to attract the crowds. This provides a perfect opportunity for the men to enjoy an afternoon of a sporting spectacle, whilst the ladies are free to roam the fantastic West Quay shopping centre, for an irresistible bargain, or three.

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