5 Essential Beauty Products for a Tropical Vacation

5 Essential Beauty Products for a Tropical Vacation

So, you’ve been planning to go on a tropical vacation for a few months now and it’s finally time to pack your bags. You have your shorts and tank tops, flip flops and sandals and bathing suits all ready to go. However, when it comes to the kind of beauty products that you need to take along with you, you’re not sure which ones are on the “must have” list. Good thing that Renee Rouleau Blog has the expertise in making your beauty shine. That’s why a lot of people trust them.

Well, we’ve taken a couple of “fun in the sun” trips before and so we are more than happy to share with you what we feel are five essential beauty products that anyone would need for a great tropical vacation which the body shop consultant would also agree on.

Coconut oil. One thing that makes coconut oil so special is that it’s something that works from the inside out. Consuming one teaspoon a day aids in providing energy, supporting aging and even boosting your metabolism. And, by taking a couple tablespoons and heating them in the microwave (until it melts), you can use it as a wonderful conditioner for both your hair and skin. You can easily acquire it at an affordable price from topnotch Coconut oil suppliers.

Aloe Vera gel. Even if you do have sunscreen on, depending on how long you’re out catching the sun’s rays or playing in salt water, you can still run the risk of getting a bit of a sunburn. Something that is sure to soothe as well as heal it is Aloe Vera gel from You can either purchase it at a local drugstore or, if you have an Aloe Vera plant at home, you can tear off one of the leaves and squeeze it onto your body as needed.

Long-wearing lip gloss, mascara and bronzer. If you’re a woman going on vacation, while you probably want to take a bit of make-up with you, we understand why you might not want to pile too much of it on. For a fresh, sun-kissed face, all you really need is some long-wearing lipstick or lip gloss, a tube of waterproof mascara and some bronzer. When it comes to which kind of bronzer is best, look for the kind that comes in liquid form that is also advertised as being long-wearing.

A couple of cute hats. Sometimes, we forget that just like we need to protect our skin from overexposure of sun and salt water, our hair needs some special attention as well. If you’re a guy who just got a fresh hair cut or you’re a gal who plans on bringing your Chi flat iron to style your locks, it’s still a good idea to also bring along a few hats. They can help to shield your hair as you’re laying out on the beach or having a few drinks on your hotel room’s deck.

Tropical body oils. Even if you happen to have a favorite perfume or cologne, when you’re outside and perspiring, it’s easier for the scent to wear off. That’s why you might want to consider packing some body oils instead. Fragrances like orange, vanilla and even jasmine are nice complements for a tropical atmosphere. You can also try out these care packages which you can use in your room to make it smell fragrantly. Or, you can make your own tropical massage oil by mixing one cup of jojoba and almond oil with three drops of orange, grapefruit and coconut oil. Not only does it smell wonderful, but it will soothe your muscles too.

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