Budget Airlines

We certainly live in an age where air travel is a very affordable resource at our disposal. Though, the price of flights has risen slightly in the previous few years, due mainly to higher fuel prices, it is very cheap relative to a few decades ago.

Budget airlines on the outset often offer far cheaper prices than their more luxurious equivalents. Many often offer a very similar service, particularly on short flights and domestic travel. However, they do not always end up being less expensive than their more ‘expensive ‘ equivalents.

Check where the airport is

Many budget airlines do fly to the cities in question, however they often don’t fly to the airport that is closest to the city. In many cases  these airlines cut down on airport charges by flying to outlying airports, often up to two hours away. This not only means that you are wasting time, as you have to travel into the city centre, but often means the extra cost of a single or return bus journey. This can often mean that the price of the flight and the trip to the city is far in excess of the traditional airline, which flies to the city’s central airport.

Luggage Limits

Budget airlines often come with far more restrictive terms and conditions. This can be especially seen in the area of baggage handling. These lower cost airlines often stringently adhere to baggage weight and dimension rules for hand luggage and often check luggage in boxes that mimic the maximum dimensions allowed as you board the plane. If baggage is over this size it will be then boarded with the other cargo luggage at a high fee – often up to £50. This amount of money can be the price of the flight or more and would have allowed you top use a traditional airline and even save money while doing so.

Services on Offer

While booking with a budget airline they may also charge you for services you would often receive without question when travelling on a standard airline. Set out seating plans, travel insurance when on board and even credit and debit card fees on budget airlines can be well in excess of those of traditional airlines, and unless you are planning to fly no frills adding any ‘luxuries’ often costs the earth and takes the price of these flights well over the price of a traditional airline.

Budget companies often don’t offer the same come back when things are out of their control. In the case of weather conditions not allowing flights to fly, budget airlines often give the minimum amount to stranded passengers and in some cases little if anything and often go to court to maintain they were right in doing so. Many airlines pay for hotels and accommodation and give refunds, budget airlines may dispute this and often make it hardly worth your while.

In Flight

In flight services you expect to receive with traditional airlines are also greatly limited and also very expensive. Where tradition airlines often offer complimentary beverages, papers and food. Budget airlines seldom if ever do so. People wishing to purchase the aforementioned are often subject to higher prices, lower quality food and drink and don’t receive the same service.

About the Author: Cormac Reynolds is a freelance writer who currently works for, providing consumers with a easy to use platform to search for discounts and coupons across a wide range of brands including Dell, Amazon and Expedia.

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