A Complete Guide to Melaka Attractions

A Complete Guide to Melaka Attractions

Have you ever been in Melaka with your family, children or friends? Some of those are not aware of Melaka attractions. It is a place of countless sightseeing destinations such as breathtaking cultural monuments, gigantic and lovely architectural structures, famous museums and zoos, historical temples and many other interesting places. That’s why a lot of people love to visit Malacca for experiencing the most sightseeing and historical destinations each year. What are the most famous places in Malacca? You will get useful information by reading a complete guide to Melaka attractions.

Taman Mini Malaysia and Mini ASEAN

Malaysia is renowned for its traditional buildings and architectural structures. There are many types of traditional houses in Malaysia, representing almost thirteen states from Sarawak’s Iban Long House to Negeri Sembilan’s Long Roofed House. There is an interesting aspect about Negeri Sembilan’s Long Roofed House, as it is the only house in the country to have a rounded roof reminiscent of the Minangkabau roof of Sumatra. Roofs like this can be well-maintained and repaired by roofing experts, like the Emergency Roofers Dublin is the No. 1 Roofing Company In The Area. They offer free quotes and estimates, get yours today

A must have river cruise

It will usually take about 45 to 60 minutes to complete the tour of MalaccaRiver. A tour guide includes some of the most interesting destinations. All you have to do is check on the operating hours because the cruise is only available during high tide.

Explore the famous Baba Nyonya heritage museum

It is well-placed behind the Jonker Street. It shows the tourists an entire ethnic history. It is a famous place for many Chinese known as Baba Nyonya. Admiral Cheng Ho was the first who adapted much of the Malaysian cultures, norms, values, customs and laws in Malacca. Today his followers are practicing as the same life patterns of Malay cultures as Admiral Cheng Ho did the same practice during his time.

Malacca is famous because of its versatile local products

If you are visiting Melaka, Malaysia this year, then don’t forget to visit local shops in such a beautiful and colorful city. This city is famous due to different types of useful local products such as Sam Suk Gong, Tam Kim Hock, Gula Melaka, Durian Candy, Pineapples Cookies, Shrimp Paste, etc.

Bandar Hilir Malacca

Kuala Lumpur is situated in Kota Laksamana, the mouth of MelakaRiver. If you visit Bandar Hilir Malacca, it could be your memorable experience because it provides you a bird eye view of the whole beautiful city.

What about visiting A’Famosa Resort?

Surely your journey is incomplete without visiting A’Famosa Resort, which is a sightseeing destination for the tourists and their families. Therefore families have lots of fun making choices at this famous and historical resort, such as CowboyTown, Animal World Safari, WaterWorldTheme Park, Equestrian Club, and so on.

Other interesting activities to do for families and kids in Melaka, Malaysia

In addition, it includes many other Melaka activities for tourists and their kids, such as shopping galore at Jonker Street, experiencing authentic Portuguese food at San Pedro, exploring the Stadhuys and famous Portuguese monument, A Famosa. Furthermore the tourists should go for shopping at DataranPahlawanMegamall during Malacca tour. Moreover it is a great place for many other activities, such as exploring MalaccaSultanatePalace, Sam Po Kong Temple, TamingSariTower and Hang Li Po Well.

Last, but not the least, many tourists are aware of the beauty of Melaka restaurants. Believe me all the Melaka restaurants are totally well furnished, elegant and glamorous accommodations for the visitors.  These restaurants in Melaka are famous due to delicious cuisines, including Malay cuisine, Chinese cuisine, Nyonya cuisine, Indian cuisine, and Portuguese cuisine. Thus Melaka is a food heaven destination for the tourists in Southeast Asia.

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