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The 5 Most Popular Attractions in Iceland

The 5 Most Popular Attractions in Iceland

When you’re visiting another country, you always want to make sure that you see all the most important sights while you’re there. Most places in the world have a specific feature that makes them notable, and some have many interesting things to contribute to a trip around the globe. Many places around the world are home to very rich histories, and Iceland is definitely one of them. When you visit this country, you get to expose yourself to a fascinating bit of European culture, and are surrounded by some of the most beautiful natural landscapes that our planet has to offer. There are definitely few places in the world that can offer the types of varied natural wonders to which Iceland is home, and if you find yourself in the country, you definitely want to make sure you get to see as many of them as you possibly can. An Icelandic itinerary can be a tough thing to carve out, as many visitors can quickly start to feel overwhelmed by all the amazing things there are to see. If you’re planning on visiting in the near future, we’ll talk about five things you should definitely make sure you get a chance to check out.


1. Asbyrgi. This spot is considered by many to be one of the true wonders of the natural world, as there are few places on the globe that can match Asbyrgi when it comes to sheer beauty and splendor. This naturally-occurring canyon is about three-and-a-half kilometers long and has walls that are around 100 meters high. It’s an incredibly beautiful spot, and when breeding season is afoot you can catch a glimpse of the beautiful seabird known as the fulmar.

Glacier Fjords of Jokulfirdir

2. Glacier Fjords of Jokulfirdir. Iceland is a great place to visit, but sometimes writing home can be a bit of a challenge. How do you tell your loved ones about all the incredible places you’re seeing when you can’t even spell any of them? The “Glacier Fjords of Jokulfirdir” might not be an easy thing to spell — but the fjords themselves are definitely very easy to look at. These fjords are absolutely gorgeous, and feature a uniquely active geothermal field.


3. Geysir. Everybody loves a good geyser, and Iceland is home to some of the best ones. Geysir is a very aptly-named field full of geysers, and is home to its namesake, which is a huge geyser that people come from far and wide to check out. There’s another geyser here called Strokkur that you’re going to want to see, as well.


4. Gullfoss. When you’re all done getting your geyser on, you should check out Gullfoss, which is one of the most incredible natural waterfalls you could hope to visit. It’s found in a very steep canyon and is bordered on either side by massive cliff faces. The drop is about thirty-two meters. Even the most luxurious Iceland hotels can’t live up to this much splendor.


5. Myvatn. Iceland, among a lot of other things, is known for its volcanic activity and the interesting formations that result. This area has some of the best ones, and will give you the opportunity to stand on the European tectonic plate while you look at the American one nestled up against it. Iceland is definitely one of the most incredible places on the globe, and if you make sure to visit these five spots, you’ll be guaranteed to make yours a trip that you won’t ever never forget.

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