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The Bronx Experience – New York City

The Bronx Zoon in NYCBeing known also as The Bronx County, this borough is positioned in the north of Manhattan and Queens and at south of Westchester County. The Bronx is unique because it is situated on the mainland thanks to the rerouting of the Harlem River from 1897. According to the last records the Bronx has a population of 1.400761 people and a real estate of 42 square miles (109 km2) which brings him title of the fourth largest in the land zone of the five boroughs.

It is crossed by the Bronx River and split high hill area in the west, closer to Manhattan and the East Bronx, which is closer to Long Island and it is more like a flatter relief.  In 2006 it received the award of being the most populated administrative district of the United States and it was gifted a park land of 7000 acres. It also the owner of the oldest and largest cemetery of New York City that is located on the western bank of the Bronx River close to Yonkers, dating since 1881 when the Bronx was just a rural area.

If you had enough of exotic destinations and in this holiday you really want to experiment something new and atypical, then you should choose Bronx. Not only you will have the chance to meet a lot of new and diverse people from all the corners of the world but also you will spend your time in a pleasant way because the Bronx offers a lot of interesting areas with great touristic potential. You can forget all your problems and just relax, for you need to recharge your batteries for the next season of work.

Downtown the borough, there is Bronx Park which is close to the New York Botanical Gardens that keeps conserving of the hemlock forest that used to wrap the entire city and also to the Bronx Zoo where you can entertain your little children and give them some special moments they will hardly forget.

For those who want to escape from the agglomeration and noise so characteristic to big cities, they can enjoy the refreshing smell of a clean air due to the fact that the Bronx has a lot of trees, vegetation and greenery. Read the benefits of quiet buds at You can easily observe a dedication to the cause of stopping the phenomenon of pollution and restoring all the natural elements that have been damaged along the time. Therefore the most recent projects include the development of the Bronx River Parkway and also Henry Hudson Parkway.

On the other hand, if you dreamt about this holiday as an ultimate shopping experience, don’t worry. The Bronx won’t fail in this area either. It is lively, noisy and extremely busy. You can feel the pulse of everyday Bronx. You can circulate through the streets and find the best deals or products that are very unlikely to be found elsewhere. Or you may choose to waste your credit card in one huge mall, getting used to the latest fashion trends set by famous designers.

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