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Things to remember before your holiday

It’s holiday time at last, hurrah!

Some people pack their suitcase twenty minutes before leaving, others do it gradually over the weeks leading up to it. No matter whether you’ve booked a last minute break or have had holiday plans arranged for over a year, there are several things that you ought to make sure you have organised to make sure your holiday goes smoothly. 

It sounds obvious, but locate all of your passports and check that they are in date. You’ll be amazed how many people forget or lose that little maroon book. Worse still, they arrive at Gatwick with a passport that has expired.

To visit some countries, you need to ensure there is a certain length of time left on your passport; the USA for example requires two years, so make sure you check.

How are you getting to and from the airport? Have you thought about your airport transfers? This is often one of those little details that easily gets forgotten but is vitally important.

Airport parking can be extortionate and driving a long way in the early hours of the morning, especially with young children, might not be an ideal solution.

Why not try one of the many, dedicated airport transfer coaches? These companies will pick you up, 24 hours a day, from a multitude of locations and drive straight to the terminal building. You can simply sit and sleep if need be, as can the kids. Plus the last thing you want to do upon your return is work out how to get home.

Lastly, always get travel insurance. Some people think they can cut costs by not purchasing any holiday cover, but many end up paying far more as a consequence. Insurance isn’t just for accidents and injuries; most people have perfectly safe and sensible vacations, it’s for peace of mind.

Not only that, if your luggage goes AWOL or you miss your flight due to public transport, then you can claim and be compensated for issues that were not your fault. Isn’t that worth the small investment? If you need to cut costs, then resist the speedos!

Have a great holiday!


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