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Top 5 Popular Study Abroad Destinations for Students

Top 5 Popular Study Abroad Destinations for Students

Studying abroad is one of the best ways for young college students to broaden their horizons and gain innumerable rich experiences during their years in academia. Students who participate in their schools’ study abroad programs look back on their time overseas as the most positive of all their college experiences. Meanwhile, students who miss out on this opportunity spend years regretting it. Consider some of these ever popular study abroad destinations as well as the student housing options they provide for an exciting semester away from home.

  1. The United Kingdom
    For American students, a lot of education options are starting to develop and thrive. From an early age children can be enrolled into an Online Elementary School, which would mean most if not all of their classes will be attended over the internet. For many years now there has also been the option to study abroad, and the UK consistently ranks high as a desired destination for this. It gives an easy transition, for one, as there is no need to learn a foreign language. Some students may have difficulty understanding the fast-talking Brits, but rest assured–that is English they’re speaking. In addition to this, England is home to some of the most prestigious universities in the world. Names like Cambridge and Oxford come to mind right away, and the opportunity to study in and around schools like these is attractive on its own. And also make sure that you get the best accommodation that you can while at university, we have used this brilliant student letting agents in Bristol who got us an amazing place, so they are a great example of what to look for.
  2. Rome, Italy
    College students love Italy, and why shouldn’t they? The scenery is beautiful, the history is rich and fascinating, and the people themselves are interesting and unique. Life in Italy is fast-paced and relaxing at once, and lots of other cities are just a train ride away. Students can spend their free time touring the incredible museums and historical sites of Rome, or travel to other cities like Florence, Milan, or Venice for a change of pace. There is always something to do and something to learn in Italy, and Rome is forever its lively center. Looking for a place to stay? Check out for the best student accommodations around the world.
  3. Barcelona, Spain
    A city in a class of its own, Barcelona has everything the creative and ambitious young student could ask for. A captivating landscape and a tumultuous history make Spain one of the most sublimely beautiful countries in the world. Barcelona has deep roots in the arts and literature, largely drawn from the prominence of literary giants such as Cervantes and painters like Picasso and Dali. Culinary students will also find endless inspiration in Spain, as they explore exciting cuisine and some of the best wines in the world. A magnet for creative types, Barcelona is one of the best places to spend time studying abroad when you opt for high school study abroad programs.
  4. Paris, France
    The City of Light is more than just a destination for romantic getaways. Paris is an icon of the European metropolis, and has always been a beloved city of students from all backgrounds. Artists will find a treasure trove of inspiring masterpieces in the Louvre, history students have a near endless series of revolutions and major events to uncover, and students of any discipline are sure to be captivated and inspired by the beauty of Paris.
  5. Beijing, China
    When the comforts of Norwich University become a little too comfortable, some students begin to look for study abroad opportunities as far from home as they can get. Beijing is a hot spot for many different kinds of study. Business students in particular find this a great place to visit, as Beijing is at the center of one of the fastest growing economies in recent history. Yet even in the face of this monumental progress, Beijing remains true to its far-reaching historical traditions and monumental triumphs. Truly a great and fascinating city, Beijing is sure to offer overseas students an unforgettable experience.
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