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What to Pack for Your Vacation With the Kids

Taking a vacation with the kids can be fun. Family vacations are a time to make new memories, enjoy new experiences and see new places. Knowing what to pack for a vacation with the kids is key to having a happy and enjoyable vacation.

For Road Trips

Kids get bored in the car. Pack extra road maps, crayons, activity books and other toys to keep kids occupied in the back seat. For older kids, pack handheld video games, a portable DVD player or music players. Encourage the children to jot down notes and keep track of trip information. Allow them to keep track of gas stops, rest stops and money spent for meals. For very long trips, pack pillows, blankets and snacks to keep little ones comfortable.

For Airplane Trips

Flying can be stressful for adults, and for restless children, it can be absolutely frustrating. Pack colorful guidebooks that provide information about your destination and allow them to plan activities for the entire family. For little ones, pack a favorite stuffed animal or doll to calm any anxiety about flying. When traveling with babies, pack extra diapers, snacks and a pacifier to help little ears adjust to altitude changes. For older children, pack paperback books, electronic games or portable movie players to help pass the time. Take the first flight of the morning to encourage the children to sleep on the airplane. Early morning flights are also less likely to be delayed, making travel easier.

For Cruise Trips

Cruise ships can be an absolute delight for young travelers. Pack extra swimsuits, shower and deck shoes, sunscreen and swim caps. Don’t forget to pack sticky notes to leave messages for the kids in your stateroom, a highlighter to highlight daily activities and plastic bags to carry wet swimsuits and shoes. Provide each child with an individual backpack that contains sunglasses, their cruise card, a name tag with their room number and parents’ contact information and first aid supplies. Teach children to report to a cruise line employee if they ever get lost or separated from their parents. Many cruise ship ports require a lot of walking so pack extra pairs of comfortable shoes to keep little feet from becoming tired.

For All Trips

Pack the essentials when traveling with kids, no matter what the destination. Don’t forget the first aid kit, a whistle, sunscreen, sunglasses, extra money, snacks and changes of clothing. For babies, grab a few extra snacks, bottles of water and diapers for the trip.

Traveling with the kids can be fun if you are adequately prepared. No matter what you pack for your vacation with the kids, take along a positive attitude for a wonderful vacation packed with great memories and new experiences.

This guest article was contributed by Jennifer Bell from Health Training Guide. Check out her site to learn more about physician assistant training and other exciting health careers.

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