Travel in Europe: Top 5 City Breaks

Europe may be just around the corner but with so much variety in culture arts and stunning monuments you’d be remiss not to visit it as often as possible. Despite the weight of the Euro against the Pound travel to Europe is still not very expensive and if you pick up a cheap package or flights and hotels you won’t be speeding a huge amount more than you do at home anyway. With that in mind we have put together a list of the top 5 city breaks in Europe. So grab yourself some travel insurance, a cheap flight and a hotel and get going.

5. Paris

The city of love lives up to its name time and time again as it remains one of the absolute gems of Western Europe. With its relaxed café culture, awe inspiring monuments, fine art and fine cuisine Paris has a little of something for everyone. The Eiffel Tower, Notre Damme and the Louvre are of course the most well-known of all the Parisian delights but they are by no means the totality of all there is to do or see. Even if you have “done” most of the tourist sites there’s still the shopping, the food, the jazz bars, the cafes and some fantastic sites around Paris.


4. Tallinn

The capital of Estonia might not seem like an ideal and beautiful location but it really is one of the best hidden gems of Europe. The city has become incredibly popular as a night life spot since Ibiza and Greece have become more expensive. However this isn’t even part of what Tallinn has to offer. The city is like a fairy tale dream brought to life. The towering castles/spires are so idyllic it’s hard to describe them. Highlights have to be the Sinewy spire of the town hall, the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral and Kadriorg Palace. Tallinn is unlike even most of the rest of the former USSR so is absolutely worth an extended visit.

3. Prague

Despite being a relatively small capital city Prague really has a fantastic amount to see and do. The Charles Bridge and Prague castle are the most famous sites to see but Prague has tons more to see and do. The river is beautiful and the parks are fantastic to wander aimlessly around for hours. And that’s not even beginning to mention the food, the beer and the stunning architecture lining every street and alley.

2. Barcelona

Barcelona has long been considered one of the cultural capitals of the world thanks to its fine arts, laissez faire café culture and fantastic climate. Barcelona has a great mixture of Catalan and Spanish culture and some of the finest architecture in Spain. Highlights for Barcelona have to be the Seu cathedral, the national palace, the magic fountain, beautiful parks and of course the winding Ramblas. The Ramblas show off Barcelona’s culture at its finest and are well worth wandering around to your hearts- and feet’s – content.

1. Budapest

Budapest just had to be number one for us. The city is beautiful in a way that Paris and our other entries just don’t quite manage to be. It has the architecture, the arts, the stunning rivers, the meandering streets and luscious parks but it also just has something more. The culture is unique which helps a lot and the baths and natural spring waters are just beautifully relaxing. Maybe that’s what manages to give the city it’s relaxed and tranquil feel and makes it one of the most peaceful cities in Europe. For a city break Budapest really gives you the best of everything.


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