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    10 Best Gluten-Free Restaurants in Rome

    The thought of going to Rome, Italy- land of pasta, pizza and bread may feel celiacs everywhere with dread. For those who experience the autoimmune reaction to gluten, a protein commonly found in wheat, a visit the Eternal City may seem like the worst possible holiday destination for anyone with a gluten intolerance. But dining […] More

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    Rome: A Complete Guide for Young Adventurers

    In many ways, visiting Rome feels like being transported to an epic movie set. With its ancient architectural remains, delicious food and chic nightlife, the city has a lot going for it– even if it does become crowded and congested with traffic in the summer. Don’t be afraid to get lost. Wandering around Rome’s cobbled […] More

  • Connemara dublin

    Tours of Connemara from Dublin

    Connemara is an area of Ireland famous for the rugged beauty of its countryside. Connemara has hills, valleys, castles, rivers and lakes. It is wild and picturesque, making it a part of the Republic of Ireland that many visitors to the country want to see, and fortunately for these people it is possible to take […] More

  • Six ways to see Paris anew

    Six ways to see Paris anew

    It’s probably a given you’ll be heading up the Eiffel Tower the first time you’re in Paris, perhaps ticking off Notre Dame, Arc de Triomphe and a tiny bit of the Louvre while you’re at it too. But for anyone coming here a second…or tenth time, it would be a shame to stay on the […] More