Take your soul on a vacation to Scotland

Monotony makes up almost ninety percent of our lives, while excitement forms ten percent of it. Though it is not advisable to run behind the ten percent excitement always, it is imperative to break the humdrum of your incessantly monotonous life. If you feel totally exhausted and spent out from within, it is time you take a break from your hectic schedule and escape into a different world for a while.

Travel helps in radically altering your external conditions to break familiar patterns. It is an excellent catalyst for personal growth, as it exposes you to possibilities of transformation. Though vacations can invigorate you and make you feel better, you cannot expect major transformations or excellent personal developments on all vacations. This is because most of these vacations are merely a break from ‘real life’.

If you want to take an excellent vacation that energizes not just your physical being, but your soul as well, consider taking a long break. Scotland is probably the perfect destination for such a soulful and satisfying vacation.


How are soulful vacations different from other vacations?

For a soulful and personally fulfilling experience, it is best to go on a nomadic vacation. Unlike most other vacations, nomadic vacations are the one where you do not have a contrived schedule or itinerary. These vacations do not revolve around blocking out real life, having fun or just breaking the monotony. These vacations are productive vacations where you stay connected with your real life and follow your own schedule.

Scotland, an epitome of peace and tranquility, is brimming with some of the most scenic and beautiful sights in the world. With a rich culture, architectural grandeur and a perfectly eclectic mix, Scotland scores high on the list of popular tourist destinations for a nomadic, soulful experience. You can choose from a multitude of different spots in Scotland, and yet feel strongly connected to every spot.


Some essential points to remember while vacationing with your soul in Scotland are:

1.       Adapt yourself to the environment– Adapting to the tranquil and pleasant environment in Scotland shall not be too difficult for you. You need to be very flexible; so discard and modify habits according to your current situation. This will enrich you from inside and help you understand yourself better.

2.       Follow just yourself– When you’re on a vacation with your soul, make sure you only follow yourself. Even if other people try to involve you in their hobbies or passions, just make sure you steer clear from such situations. When you wish to go on a physically exhausting task, consider going for hiking or enjoy some adventure sport alone. If you seek comfort, bask in the luxuries of a holiday cottage in Scotland You need to do just what you wish to do, without bothering about the rest.

3.       Lose Control– If you’re a control freak, make sure you let go of control so that you can expose yourself to a chaotic situation. Make it a point to plan nothing, and just go on to lead the nomadic lifestyle. Nomadic lifestyle can be unpredictable, and there is nothing wrong with that.

You should just ensure that you meet your basic needs, and keep them in consideration. This is because progress along your personal path can be difficult with stress and safety issues at the back of your mind.

4.       Stay Connected- Social interactions with people are imperative, even during this personal sabbatical. These interactions shall help you forge strong, personal relationships that can help make life easy for you. Social interactions during this time shall serve as a basis for better personal analysis. 

5.       Keep traveling- Traveling is a good way to open up new avenues in the direction of personal growth. It helps in preparing you for new situations, where you can explore Scotland in the best possible manner. Try to explore every part of Scotland, starting from the busy Edinburgh life to the peaceful Scottish highlands.


Vacationing in Scotland can be a great way to relax and unwind. A soulful vacation provides you with this time to relax and unwind. The scenic, breathtakingly beautiful scenes of Scotland can have a very calming effect on you. Scotland has a variety of options to choose from, for a fulfilling and stress-free holiday with your soul!

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