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    5 markets of Cairo (souqs) that you should visit for shopping

    Egypt is one of the most important countries of the Human Civilization. History is in every corner of the country and Cairo is the chaotic capital of this amazing part of the earth. We could talk for hours about the ancient times, about the Pyramids, also about the recent political developments, but we are going […] More

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    JustFly’s top beauty hacks you need to know before your trip

    Trying to keep yourself looking good while on the go is always hard: no matter how much prep you put into remembering your essential beauty products, you always inevitably forget to bring something with you! But when it comes to bringing your products with you while traveling, this is an entirely different ball game. Making […] More

  • Where is Your Winter Travel Destination?

    JustFly’s ultimate guide to traveling with a cold

    You wake up the morning of your big adventure to a congested nose, a scratchy throat, and watery eyes. As you sniffle your way over to your bathroom mirror, you realize you look just like death would if Death had a face. Not only are you mad that you’re sick, but you’ve got to be […] More

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    London in the spring

    London is a very busy city at all times of the year, where there is always something going on and plenty to do and see, but what is it like in the capital in the spring?  Are there any special events that take place in the springtime? Is the spring a good time for visiting […] More