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    5 Amazing Adventure Holidays You Need to Try

    Many of us look forward to laying on a sandy beach for a week with an alcoholic drink in hand (preferably not moving), but if you’re anything like me then you normally get bored by around the third day – there’s only so much book reading and listening to music one can do! More

  • Costa Rica

    5 Things Every First Timer to Costa Rica Has to Try

    If you’re looking for a vacation spot that boasts both the Caribbean and Pacific coastlines, Costa Rica is the perfect spot. This beautiful Central American country gives you volcanoes, jungles, and beaches, in addition to its own native exotic wildlife. Once you’ve booked your Costa Rica rental that has great views and amenities, check out […] More

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    Ravello: Gem on the Italian coastline

    People would sometimes forget that Italy has more to offer than the ancient Roman ruins in Rome, or romantic villages of Venice or Verona. Any tourist who has gotten bored of seeing all those old paintings in even older churches can escape to the Amalfi Coast, one of Italy’s main tourist regions. Ravello is a […] More

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    How to Choose the Right Venue to Make Your Wedding a Smashing Success

    So you are planning your dream wedding and haven’t a clue where to begin finding the perfect venue that offers just what you need to make the day a smashing success, a memory to last a lifetime. There are actually four things you should consider and once you have found the wedding venue that meets […] More

  • Most Popular Whale Watching Spots in Australia

    Most Popular Whale Watching Spots in Australia

    Whale watching is a popular recreational activity and big tourism draw card in many locations around Australia. And the great news? Your chances of seeing whales in Oz, particularly southern rights and humpbacks, are ever-increasing. The Australian Whale Sanctuary, established in 1999, protects whales in Australian waters from being hunted. Marine authories, which keep a […] More

  • Useful Tips for Winter Travelers

    Useful Tips for Winter Travelers

    Winter Holidays is a very special time of the year. We often find ourselves looking forward to it couple of months in advance. When the time finally comes, multiple issues arise unexpectedly. Some of them are caused by bad weather, extra money you have to spend or plain poor management. In order to avoid at […] More

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    6 Luxury Staples of the Ideal Cannes Film Festival Experience

    While the rest of Europe is warming up for summer, it’s already high season on the French Riviera. The heart of the action is Cannes for the prestigious Cannes Film Festival 2016: the social elite has descended upon the picturesque city for 10 action packed days of exclusive screenings and award ceremonies starting on 11th […] More

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    Advice for Your First Solo Travel Adventure

    Although the thought of travelling solo may seem daunting, having no one to go with shouldn’t mean you have to miss out on seeing the wonders of the world. What happens if you get lonely? Can you go out at night alone? Will it be awkward eating out alone? More

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    7 of the best Ways to Enjoy Naples, Italy

    Have you decided to visit the Italian city of Naples during your next holidays? If you have, you have made the right decision because, although it’s not one of the most popular destinations in the country, it is definitely one of the best ones because it has plenty of things to offer to its visitors. […] More

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    Breathtaking Islands You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

    Photo Credit: R. Ian Lloyd via Budget Travel It sometimes seems that the world is getting smaller and smaller – with the advent of the Internet, places you’ve never seen, at least in photos, are becoming increasingly rare. But there are still some breathtaking places on earth that, odds are, you’ve still never heard of, […] More

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    Breathtaking Glaciers You Should See Before They Disappear

    Glaciers form over many years, often centuries, and only on land, whereas icebergs float on the water. Together they hold most of the earth’s fresh waters, but many glaciers are disappearing. As the planet’s ice is rapidly melting, with glaciologists predicting that some of the world’s glaciers will be entirely gone within the next two […] More