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  • Walking down the Royal Mile in Edinburgh

    Walking down the Royal Mile in Edinburgh

    No trip to Edinburgh would be complete without a stroll along the Royal Mile. This pinnacle part of the city is home to some of the cities most historical sites and monuments – as well as some of the nicest bars and cafes too.  They say in life that the best things are free – […] More

  • 5 Must-See Movies for Avid Travelers
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    5 Must-See Movies for Avid Travelers

    With the emergence of discovery of voice, movies have a way of touching us like no other art form. They give life to the simplest scenario and the most complication emotions, and can literally transport us to far away places. For the avid traveler films can serve a number of purposes. They can give you […] More

  • Ashford Castle

    Irish Castles No One Should Miss

    The word “castle” conjures up many images and can instantly transport anyone back to their childhood memories of building their own fortress out of laundry baskets in the backyard. The majority of Ireland’s castles, strongholds and manors began construction in the 12th century after the Norman invasion. After years of strife, warfare and uprisings, many […] More

  • Things to do in Madrid

    Things to do in Madrid

    Although Madrid is a wonderful city full of things to do and culture, many tourists (especially in the summer) prefer coastal cities, like Barcelona, which has a more mediterranean climate. However, if you have the opportunity to spend at least few days in Madrid, it’s highly recommended! More

  • Top 5 Tips for Staying in Shape While You Travel

    Top 5 Tips for Staying in Shape While You Travel

    Traveling can be great fun for enthusiastic jet-setters, but it also presents a problem–staying in shape. Many travelers have trouble keeping up with their exercise routines and spend lots of time sitting, whether in airplanes, taxis, hotels, or any other place. Stay in shape on your travels by following these 5 easy tips. More

  • Experience mystical Turkey

    Experience mystical Turkey

    For those who only know Bodrum or Antalya Turkey may seem little more than beaches and another round of Efes beer – but scratch its surface and there is much more to Turkey than meets the eye. Turkey has a long tradition of Sufism – a mystical branch of Islam – that can be explored […] More

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    Top Five Most Popular Study Abroad Cities in England

    England is the number one choice for students looking to learn and improve a second language, but everyone has different prerequisites to tick off their mental lists before booking their stay. In this list, we give you the lowdown on five of the most popular places to study in England to match your personal needs. […] More

  • Fernando de Noronha

    Brazil: Accessible Paradise

    Brazil is one of the largest countries on Earth and also one of the most populous. Its landscape is one of contrasts; with massive cities housing millions of people dotted around vast areas of sparsely populated rainforest, mountains and scrubland. This makes Brazil one of the best places in the world to explore natural beauty […] More

  • The Best Sporting Venues in New York

    The Best Sporting Venues in New York

    New York is arguably the greatest city in America (that’s subjective of course) but it’s true that is one of the biggest and has the most going on. It’s no different when it comes to sport and some of the biggest names in world sport are based in New York. Regardless of what sport you […] More