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    What to see in the Riviera Maya in 15 days

    In the Riviera Maya, you can spend a luxury vacation in an all-inclusive resort on the edge of the Caribbean, but in addition, the Riviera Maya offers many other things like its beaches, its nature and the archaeological remains of the Mayan culture. More

  • Driving without Insurance

    I got charged with a DWI while on vacation. What happens next?

    Driving while on an out of state vacation is a welcome diversion from daily commuting or driving to crowded shopping malls. Welcome, that is, unless you are pulled over for drunk driving. If you have had this unpleasant, worrisome experience, you were likely plagued by many questions: Will I go to jail far from home? […] More

  • Shopping in the UK

    Top 5 European Shopping Destinations

    Europe is the headquarters of fashion and shopaholics. This continent has a lot of beautiful cities, cultural towns, amazing sceneries, exceptional traditions, and an eventful history to back all of these features. There can be any reason to visit this amazing place on earth, but when you are planning your trip, do try to do […] More

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    How to bring your bike with you on your travels

    If you love riding your bike, it’s understandable that you’d want to take it with you on holiday. With so many different roads and trails to explore all over the world, why should you restrict your cycling to your hometown? Break out of your comfort zone and feel the wind in your hair while cycling […] More