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  • Barcelona


    The Cultural Highlights of a Weekend in Barcelona Barcelona is the most culturally rooted of all the cities in Mediterranean Europe. The list of tourist attractions does not merely end at the beautiful beaches here but go even beyond that. The city is blessed with a number of interesting places that are culturally endowed and […] More

  • The Big Green Apple

    The Big Green Apple

    Regardless of where you are, you can see that there is a worldwide trend that has emerged a few years ago and is still shinning. A trend like no other, we are not talking about a new type of furniture or shoes, or a new music style, or cuisine, etc. What I am talking about […] More

  • top honeymoon destinations
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    top honeymoon destinations

    The honeymoon is a quintessential part of any wedding celebration. As such, it should be located in a place that will be special to both of you and will always be memorable. There are many great locations to plan a honeymoon, but the following list details the top honeymoon destinations of all time. More

  • Disney and Orlando Vacation Success Stories


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    Disney and Orlando Vacation Success Stories

    Vacation time is a welcome time of year for parents and children alike. It is often a well-deserved change from the harrowing routines of regular work and school. Most important of all, it gives the family an opportunity to reconnect. Away from the hustle and bustle of daily life, family members can find time to […] More

  • South Africa

    Get off the beaten path and start learning

    Students are all too often solely encouraged to study in France, Spain and England. Though they’re all amazing countries with a lot to offer, there are other options out there that will give students a chance to work on their masters degree or undergraduate work in a beautiful, culture rich environment. Choosing a country to […] More

  • 4 Cheap Things to do In London

    4 Cheap Things to do In London

    Perhaps you’ve visited London many occasions before, or maybe you just enjoy doing something a bit different and breaking away from the crowds. London is packed full of things to do, and you’ll easily find many a leaflet detailing guided tours of popular sites or discounted rides on the London eye. These attractions are all […] More

  • What makes a Good Hotel Booking System?

    What makes a Good Hotel Booking System?

    Unless you are one of the biggest names in the world of hotels and related businesses, you are going to need help. Most  hotels cannot be successful without being a part of 3rd party booking websites (booking engines). As an owner/operator, this will be a very big decision. There are a lot of issues to […] More

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    D.C. Dos and Don’ts

    Despite the fact that Washington D.C. is not even an actual state, there is an overwhelming array of attractions, events, and sights to see. It can be rather confusing to figure out what to do, where to go, and who to see in a short amount of time. Too often, this leads to missed opportunities, […] More

  • Traveling Smarter

    Traveling Smarter

    Travel is fun.  That’s why we look forward to every new trip like a little kid waiting for Christmas.  But travel is also an excellent tool for learning.  It can be a catalyst for moving knowledge from the abstract to experiential, which is precisely why study abroad programs are so beneficial for students, regardless of […] More

  • Melbourne

    5 Great Day Trips from Melbourne

    If you’re visiting Melbourne, the city itself will keep you busy, but it would be a shame if you missed out on some of the attractions just outside the city that can easily be seen in a day. These 5 best day trips from Melbourne were chosen because they can be reached by public transportation […] More