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  • 4 Famous Cottage Regions From Around the Globe

    4 Famous Cottage Regions From Around the Globe

    A beautiful cottage set in the natural beauty of the rural countryside can make the perfect hotspot for a short break away. The unspoiled regions of England, the picturesque villages in America and the pure beauty in France are home to just some of the world’s most scenic, charming cottages. More

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    How to Survive Layovers with your Children

    For any parent, travelling with children is both a pleasure and a trial. On one hand, you’re spending plenty of bonding time with your little angels; while on the other you’re confined to an airport with energetic kids, along with plenty of others who eye you disparagingly when your little ones misbehave. More

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    Advice On Booking A Stag Do

    First comes the proposal, then, if the answer is YES, the lucky ‘groom to be’ asks his best friend to be his Best Man. Then, as Best Man your attention obviously turns to the stag do, well it isn’t going to be about the flowers for the church is it? There are literally thousands of […] More

  • 5 Tips for Learning a New Language Before You Travel

    5 Tips for Learning a New Language Before You Travel

    Learning a new language is a great way to broaden your horizons as a traveler, businessperson, and citizen of the world. Whatever your reasons for traveling, you will find your trip more interesting, more productive, and more fun if you have some grasp of the native language. Of course, becoming multilingual is never easy. Follow […] More

  • RV Road Trip Travel Tips

    RV Road Trip Travel Tips

    Camping is a great activity, but “roughing it,” as they say, isn’t always the most convenient option. Sure, it’s always great to get out and really connect yourself with nature. Sleeping under the stars can be a great thing to do, but it might not always make the most practical sense. When you’ve got a […] More

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    How to Travel to Exotic Destinations for Less

    When it comes to travel, everybody should make sure that they have the chance to properly get out and see the world. Our planet is a big place, and it’s got a lot of really interesting things in it. When you’re able to broaden your horizons and experience a brand new place and a brand […] More

  • 5 Ways to Save Money on Cell Phone Charges When You Travel Abroad

    5 Ways to Save Money on Cell Phone Charges When You Travel Abroad

    Travel is a great thing, and is definitely something that everybody should have the chance to experience at least once. When you’re able to get out and go see a brand new country for the first time, you’re afforded a pretty wonderful experience. Our planet is a big place, and there are a lot of […] More

  • Manrique´s Magic Island

    Manrique´s Magic Island

    The small, Spanish owned island of Lanzarote is normally associated with winter sun holidays, as its location in the Canaries just off the coast of Africa means it has an altogether more clement climate than any other European destination.  Temperatures average 20 degrees Celsius even in December and there are over 90 amazing beaches to […] More

  • How to Maximize Airfare Savings with Frequent Flyer Miles

    How to Maximize Airfare Savings with Frequent Flyer Miles

    Airfare is not as cheap as it once was. Because of many airlines facing bankruptcy and others having mergers, there is now less competition between airlines to attract travelers on their planes with more affordable airfare. To be a budget concious traveler, it is important to invest the time into researching ways to save money […] More

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    Spotlight on Cornwall – Our mini guide to the must see and do’s

    Come rain or shine Cornwall is the perfect holiday destination no matter what time of year.  Lowenna Pascoe from Country View Cottages offers an insight into the ‘must see and do’ experiences in this wonderful county. Whether you’re making sand castles down the beach or storm watching with a hot chocolate, there is always plenty […] More

  • Fireworks Celebrations Around The World



    Fireworks Celebrations Around The World

    Various events around the world use fireworks as part of their celebrations. Fireworks become a key way to mark occasions, and have been used for celebrations for thousands of years, or at least since the Ancient Chinese era. While some celebrations are well known, such as Bonfire Night in the UK, or Independence Day in […] More

  • A beginner’s guide to cruises
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    Sailing the seas: A beginner’s guide to cruises

    All-inclusive holidays are set to be all the rage in 2013, and cruise holidays will be at the top of the list when it comes to finding budget breaks. Cruise holidays have become increasingly popular in the UK and USA, where more young people are setting off on seafaring adventures. More