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    A Woman’s Travel Wardrobe Essentials

    A good travel wardrobe for women is one that has all the items of clothing a woman might need in her trips around the world. The key word here is need, not want. You may want to bring along your leopard-print five-inch platform shoes or your neon green leggings, but do you need them? It […] More

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    Hot Water Anywhere With a Propane Water Heater

    The success of a good camping trip depends on having all the right supplies in place. This will of course include a tent and definitely a torch that uses the new battery led lights. Just because you are in the wild, it does not mean you have to suffer without any conveniences so why not […] More

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    Suggestions on Having a Hassle-Free Move Abroad

    Because of the ease of jet travel and increased opportunities overseas, many decide on moving abroad. Be it for employment purposes, educational purposes or even just a decision to have a change of pace, moving abroad is a big decision and an even bigger undertaking. In order to make this major decision be as smooth […] More

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    Southern California Winter Getaways

    For many people, winter in Southern California offers a refuge from the extreme cold of many other parts of the country, but locals are often looking for a bit of a break from the sometimes rainy, sometimes smoggy pressure of Los Angeles during this season. Believe it or not, those locals are often also looking […] More

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    Cruise specials for 2011

    Cruise Vacation Tips Cruise vacations used to be reserved for only the ultra-rich. Today however, they are becoming more affordable, allowing regular travelers to be able to spend their vacations on a luxury boat. Listed below are some basic tips for booking a cruise. Find the Right Boat Many amateur vacationers make the mistake of […] More

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    How to Insure Your Business Trip

    How to Insure Your Business Trip There are many things that should be taken into consideration if a business trip is in your near future. Travel insurance is one of them and its importance is often overlooked. That said, insuring your business trip is one of the wisest things you can do to ensure your […] More

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    Sanibel Island Resorts on the Beach

    Do you dream about white sandy beaches and warm, distinct waters? Do wonderful sunsets carry out the romance in you? Do your eyes sparkle when you look at brilliant tropical flowers on a sunny day? Do you adore shelling by the seashore? Have you considered a Sanibel Island resorts on the beach for your next  holiday? More

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    Rewarding Visit to Lake Buchanan

    About the Highland Lakes The Highland Lakes are a gem hidden deep within the Texas Hill Country, a region that has been gaining notoriety for its burgeoning wine industry and natural beauty of the lakes. Geographically the lake region begins 85 miles northwest of Austin and ends just inside the Austin area. It is made […] More

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    Fun places to go in Virginia

    4 Fun Places to go in Virginia There are so many fun and frugal things for families to do in Virginia. There are quite a few things to do in the state, especially the Eastern part. The following is a list of just a few things to do and see. Colonial Williamsburg Not only is […] More

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    Highlights of the West Coast

    The West Coast is a region of New Zealand’s South Island known for its wild weather and untamed natural beauty.  The West Coast is also a ways off the typical tourist map, lending the area a laid-back, far-away vibe that many people come to New Zealand specifically to find. You can see much of the […] More

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    Unconventional Honeymoon Destinations

    Anyone can book a flight to a beach in the Caribbean, stay in a chintzy hotel at Niagara Falls, or sip champagne at a café in Paris. For some those destinations are the ideal honeymoon. But at the start of this new adventure called love, why not blaze a fresh trail to memories you can […] More