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    6 Ways to Travel on a Budget

    If you are heading overseas – or even just travelling your own home country – worrying about your budget, especially if you are stretching it a bit tight, is very common. More

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    Things to do in Germany for business travellers

    Okay, so you’ve arrived in Germany for business and your days are jam-packed with meetings, conferences and whizzing here and there to see contacts. However, the good news is there is so much to do and see in Germany that you don’t need a great deal of time to be able to enjoy your downtime. More

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    Things to do in France for business travellers

    Dust off your designer suits and practise your handshake before jetting off to your business meetings in France, a country where fashion and courtesy matter. Being an old hand at French business etiquette you will probably know before you arrive just how much free time you have to entertain yourself in between wheeling and dealing. More

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    Exercise your brain and reward your stomach: 5 great destinations to learn a language & indulge in great food

    Each country and culture has its own kind of cuisine and specific specialties, but there’s no denying that some places have gained a particular reputation for great food. In Europe, countries such as France, Italy and Spain are well-known internationally for their cuisine, and within those countries there are cities which attract specific gastronomic acclaim. […] More

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    5 Cheap Countries to Visit During the Economic Downturn

    During an economic crisis, most people opt to stay at home because they figure everywhere else is going to be really expensive. While currency around Europe is still more powerful than the U.S. dollar, there are a number of other beautiful countries that have a weaker currency and are therefore cheaper. So, if you’re interested […] More

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    Creating a holiday budget

    If you’re really looking forward to getting out of the country and getting away from the hubbub of your everyday life but worried about how much you’re likely to spend, then why not create yourself a handy holiday budget before you go away on your travels? A regular travel budget would include factors such as […] More

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    Boutique Greek

    Tickets… Passport… Gucci shades… It’s not your usual holiday checklist but a pair of oversized Jackie O’s are essential wear on Mykonos. These days the island is more Valentino than Shirley Valentine. Shirley Valentine, the film about a suburbia escapee, inspired bored housewives across the UK to book a one-way ticket to Mykonos in the […] More

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    7 Steps to Follow when Planning an Island Wedding

    Most people want to have something different planned for their wedding nowadays. The ladies like their wedding to be bigger and better than her girlfriends’ weddings and the guys just love the idea op a big party on an island. What very few people know, is that an island wedding can cost you less than […] More

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    Animals and Air Travel : What you need to think about, plan for and budget for

    Some pets accompany their owners everywhere. Handbag dogs are one such group. Other owners have their favorite animal snuggled on a shoulder, a rat perhaps, or other rodent-companion. The rest of us restrict ferrying our pets to vacation time. The other unavoidable pet journey takes place when there is a house move for which you […] More

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    Great Holidays – Heading to Hawaii

    In Australia, we have the best of the world’s beaches and holiday locations right on our doorstep. We can take a quick four hour flight over the water to Fiji, a little further and we can lounge in Thailand, or in between, we can hire a luxury cabin over the water in Vanuatu. But just […] More

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    Traveling For the Life-Long Learner

    Traveling can function as a great way to fuel lifelong learning. Engagement with education as an intellectual pursuit transforms into a visceral and experiential process through travel. It’s one thing to study the poetry of Robert Burns in a book of poems, but walking down the streets of Edinburgh with bagpipes skirling and Holyrood Castle outlined […] More