February 2012

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  • Governors Island

    Kicking Back in New York

    Find out why they call it “The City that Never Sleeps”.  Take cheap flights to New York and visit the one and only big Apple. You might be fooled into thinking that you cannot possibly relax in a city like New York, but think again as this thriving metropolis has many hidden secrets and perfect spots for you […]

  • Lounge bars in Barcelona

    Barcelona is a very crowded city. There is a lot of traffic, many tourists are walking around every day and it has around 1.6 million inhabitants.  Sometimes it is nice to escape from this crowded city and relax. There are different places where you can go to. You can go to a park and enjoy […]

  • Slovenia – An Outdoor Paradise

    It’s one of the jewels of the western world… a forgotten gem which has underdeveloped tourism and a whole lot to offer. Slovenia is fantastic for a wide range of outdoor activities and is a paradise for hikers and walkers of all ages.

  • Statue of Liberty

    This iconic landmark at the mouth of New York Harbour  has welcomed many an immigrant from over the Atlantic Ocean; it is the symbol of welcome to New York but most catch a glimpse for the first time from the air as they come into to land at one of New York’s international airports.

  • London is More Than Just Historic Landmarks

    If you’re planning a trip to England’s capital and you’re not feeling particularly inspired by a collection of dusty old buildings then fear not as that’s definitely not all that the city has going for it. With art, music, shopping, nightlife, eating and drinking galore on offer here, London is more than just historic landmarks. […]

  • Naples’ Four Best Pizzerias

    Authentic Italian pizza doesn’t get any better than it does in Naples, Italy. At the four best pizzerias in town, locals and tourists alike are lining up to try these legendary pies, so don’t miss out!

  • NYC family pictures

    Considerations for Weekend Getaways from NYC

    Finding the perfect weekend getaways from NYC is on the top of many lists. While the idea of getting away for the weekend is important, getting all of the details just right is also important. Making sure that the details are right will help to make your getaway hassle-free and calming; just what the doctor […]

  • Tenerife for Nature Lovers

    You’d be forgiven for thinking that the highlight of Tenerife was its miles of black volcanic beaches, warm sunny climate and mesmerising blue sea. There is all that of course but the surrounding ocean, the spectacular scenery and at times wild and other-worldly landscape of inland Tenerife offers both adventure and unforgettable experiences.

  • 4 Unique Weekend Getaways That Won’t Break the Bank

    Everyone needs a break. Whether you’ve got a stressful job or the kids are playing on your last nerve, assuming you have one left, a weekend getaway may be just what the doctor ordered. Sadly, most of us don’t have thousands of dollars or a private jet to take us to Paris at the end […]

  • 4 Top Barcelona Sporting Events in 2012

    When someone mentions sport and Barcelona in the same sentence, the chances are you immediately think of FC Barcelona, one of the worlds most famous football clubs. Fans of FC Barcelona would even bet on their team on dadu online. Whilst tours of their stadium and museum are popular attractions in Barcelona, there is so much […]