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  • Travel Bargains Grow Scarce in Countdown to Super Bowl

    Travel Bargains Grow Scarce in Countdown to Super Bowl

    If you’ve already bought your tickets for Super Bowl XLVIII (first Sunday in February in New Jersey) but have not yet made arrangements for accommodations, time is running short. You need to get moving quickly to nail down the most affordable deals possible. More

  • A Botswana Safari adventure

    A Botswana Safari adventure

    On a sunny May day, I arrived at Maun Airport, slightly wary from my long haul overnight flight from London, but after passing through the customs formalities, I was whisked off to a small plane and my tiredness was soon replace with adrenaline.  My long awaited Botswana safari adventure was about to commence. More

  • Pleasures of the Tuscan countryside

    Pleasures of the Tuscan countryside

    Tuscany has always been synonymous with a touch of class and Tuscan holidays have tended to be enjoyed by those fond of art, good food and history. However, Tuscany covers such a wide range of activities that it is unfair to pigeonhole it to one type of holiday. There are a number of fantastic reasons […] More

  • Gran Canaria: A Cyclist’s Paradise

    Gran Canaria: A Cyclist’s Paradise

    When people think of the Canary Islands, thoughts of relaxing on a beach or swimming in clear blue water usually comes to mind. While that’s all well and true, there’s another reason these islands travelers flock here, and that’s the roads. Yes these islands, especially Gran Canaria, are a haven for cyclists. Here’s why this island […] More

  • 5 Great USA cities that aren't New York City!

    5 Great USA cities that aren’t New York City!

    OK, so New York City is a great holiday destination, but there are lots of other great USA holiday destinations that you should consider before you make that booking. The United States is HUGE, almost 40 times bigger than the UK to be exact. That leaves a hell of a lot of miles to explore […] More

  • The do’s and don’ts of Destination Weddings

    The do’s and don’ts of Destination Weddings

    When planning your big day, there are many options to consider. While the vast majority of couples opt for a traditional wedding close to home with their friends and family, a growing number of couples choose instead to have their nuptials performed far away, at a destination wedding. This option not only offers a beautiful […] More

  • Bay, Anguilla, Caribbean

    Discovering The Travel Bug By Island Hopping Throughout The Caribbean

    While on paper the idea of island hopping might seem reasonably straight forwards, in reality it might become a little trickier. The Caribbean is surrounded by the Caribbean Sea, which covers around 2.7 million km2, meaning that those islands on the map that look as though they are practically touching one another can actually have […] More

  • A Complete Guide to Melaka Attractions

    A Complete Guide to Melaka Attractions

    Have you ever been in Melaka with your family, children or friends? Some of those are not aware of Melaka attractions. It is a place of countless sightseeing destinations such as breathtaking cultural monuments, gigantic and lovely architectural structures, famous museums and zoos, historical temples and many other interesting places. That’s why a lot of […] More

  • New Zealand - The Gap Year Paradise

    New Zealand – The Gap Year Paradise

    From snow-clad peaks and lush green landscapes to marvelous white glaciers and sandy beaches, all well-preserved by the natives and environmentally-conscious federal government, New Zealand is without doubt a gap year paradise. It is a nation that features some of the most exquisite natural monuments, thrilling adventures and unbeatable opportunities for exploration, and if you’re […] More